NOTES Pages Refill (100/pk)


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Replacement pages for the orange “NOTES” tab section for The Achievement Planner.

Per Pack includes 100 NOTES sheets (200 back & front pages) and 2 INDEX sheets (4 back & front pages) for recording and indexing your hand written notes.

Recent research shows that the physical act of writing by hand has numerous benefits and stimulates thoughts. Take meaningful handwritten notes, to clarify your thoughts. Clarity of thought generates Focus. As David Byrd states, “Momentum is an immediate by-product of Focus.”

Remember to then flip to the red “INDEX” tab and mark the date, information/event, and page number. The INDEX provides a quick and easy lookup reference for you to quickly see your previous handwritten notes or diagrams you might have drawn, further providing clarity.

Write to FOCUS write to ACHIEVE!

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