David Byrd and Jenni Byrd Grier have been featured in numerous publications, books, videos, interviews and international and domestic conferences and speaking events.

David and Jenni featured on the cover story on the LEAD issue of Defyeneurs June 2017.

Jenni featured in the January 2018 issue for the work she doing with one of her clients.

An inspiring autobiographical book that celebrates 11 Women including Jenni Byrd Grier. Includes over 100 inspired insights on what makes someone a person of INFLUENCE. Check out Jenni's interview here.

An inspiring book by Gerry Visca about seven global leaders uncovering what it took for them to turn on their dream machines. Forward written by David Byrd.

David Byrd Consulting featured in the Winter 2016 VISIONARIES issue.

Designed To Empower You Away From Depressed States Towards Your Own Happiness By Providing Tips and Strategies In Mindset Community and Fitness

Jenni featured in the March 2017 INFLUENCE issue for her passion on helping people achieve and grow. Check out her interview here.

"This father's place is in the home" An article by Victoria Moreland

Inspiring transformational change through experiencing a grander vision of self.
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