Next Level Achievement System™ Deluxe Edition with Video Series


Calendar Tabs 12 Month Set

David Byrd Audio For The Achievement Planner Next Level Achievement System

David Byrd’s Next Level Achievement System™ is a result of over 30 years of background and hands-on experience. This system is easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to duplicate within your organization.

You will receive The Achievement Planner™ Deluxe Zipper Binder with Exterior Pocket, one full year of calendar and daily pages, Vision statement, Mission/Purpose statement, Annual Goals Process, Monthly Tracking, Daily Planning, Current Reality Analysis, Can-Do List, Monthly Effectiveness Assessment, and Weekly Key Performance Indicator Tracking Sheets.

You will also receive the 5-part video series, Implementation of The Next Level Achievement System.

This 5-part video series goes into detail on each of the following concepts:

  • Vision
    • We have a tendency to move in the direction of our expectations. Without future expectations, we have no anchor into our future. Participants will learn how to dream about their future and develop a five-year vision statement.
  • Daily Planning
    • Developing the habit of always planning tomorrow before tomorrow begins.
  • Monthly Planning
    • Developing SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Target Date) goals and learning to win by winning!
  • Tracking Goals
    • Learn how to track your SMART Goals and determine your percentage of goals accomplished.
  • Effectiveness Analysis
    • Learn how to identify your High Payoff Activities and track your effectiveness on a weekly basis.
  • Other Features of the Achievement PlannerTM
    • Learn how to apply and use the Index, Notes, and Communication tabs.

A monthly team Zoom meeting with either David Byrd or Jenni Byrd Grier, where you will receive additional training along with a Q&A session.

Please see the “What’s in the Box” tab for the entire list of items included.

The author of the planner, David Byrd, describes The Achievement Planner™ in this way,

“Effectively developing human potential requires a simple, effective system that just works! Forget the fancy wording and all the bells and whistles and look for a proven system that delivers measurable results.”

The following items are included with this product:

  • The Achievement Planner™ Deluxe Zipper Binder with Exterior Pocket
  • Today Calendar Daily Pages – Set of 365.
  • Today Bookmark
  • Calendar Tabs for 12 Months
  • Color Tab Index Pages
  • David Byrd Audio download for the Achievement Planner
  • The Achievement Planner™ 2″ Vinyl Storage Binder
  • The Achievement Planner™ Starter Guide
  • Implementing The Next Level Achievement System 5-Part Video Series
  • Monthly team Zoom meeting with additional training and Q&A


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