Mobile Daily Pages (30/pk)


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Perfect for those days when carrying the entire planner might be inappropriate. Simply copy your To-Do and Daily Schedule from your planner the night before onto a Mobile Daily Page, fold and place in your pocket or purse. The card-stock daily page is smaller and has plenty of room for notes on the back. Although, these packs are bundled in 30, it is not intended to use this everyday, therefore a pack of 30 should last users 90-180 days.

Caution, the substantial card-stock quality of this product along with the ease of using this to take notes on can become addictive! Carrying around for notes and the ability to easily fold and fit in a shirt pocket, makes this great for taking notes while in the car (of course parked on the roadside) or on the go!

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 3.9 in


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