Small Group Coaching with Jenni Byrd Grier

TIME: Sessions will be held 8pm EST

Session Dates: Jan 11, Feb. 8, March 8, and April 5th


Small Group Coaching

Achievement is the process of doing the right things consistently over a sustained period of time.   Achievement requires growth.  You can’t become who you have never been by doing what you have always done.   Everyone has the potential to achieve, but potential has no power unless it is developed.  The Next Level Achievement System™, developed by The Byrd Group, lifts you above your instinctive, self-imposed limitations to a new level of effectiveness which leads to next level growth.  The term “Next Level” represents a place, position or station in life at which one has never been before.  Getting to that next level is not easy or natural.  The reason “Next Level Growth” is difficult is because of our natural, human instincts.  Instinctively, we hold on to sameness!  To consistently grow to new levels in life you need a proven system.  We have developed the “Next Level Achievement System™” to help people bypass their natural instincts and become “proactive” rather than “reactive” about all areas of their life.  It’s not how much you do, but the EFFECTIVENESS of what you do that truly counts!

In this program participants will:

1. Develop an awareness of managing life proactively rather than reactively.  Learn how to establish proactive habits and create life balance by using The Next Level Achievement SystemTM.

2.  Learn how to set goals you can achieve!  You learn to win by winning! Build the habit of planning next month before next month begins and managing the month by priority goals and high payoff activities.

3.  Learn how to create life balance, develop a growth mindset, and how to create abundance in all areas of your life.

4.  Get back to the basics and reach your next level – both personally and professionally!

TIME: Sessions will be held 8pm EST

Session Dates: Jan 11, Feb. 8, March 8, and April 5th

Cost: $100.00

Next Level Achievement System is not required but encouraged.  Order it here!