Effective Annual Planning with David Byrd

Learn how to effectively plan your year using the method David uses himself in this 4-session online program lead by David Byrd himself!



Do you have goals for what you want to accomplish next year but don’t know how to put the plan in place?  Do you easily become overwhelmed by your goals and don’t know where to start?  Do you find yourself making “all-or-nothing” plans for achieving your goals only to find yourself crashing three days later under the weight of the plan? Learn how to overcome these obstacles and plan your year effectively using the same method David Byrd uses to prepare for a new year.

What You Can Expect From This Video Series:

  1. Taught by David Byrd personally from his 40+ years of experience in working with organizational and individual annual planning.
  2. Unique system of combining goals and vision into the same process.
  3. Clear understanding of why some plans are forgotten by the end of first quarter.
  4. How to track and sustain your efforts toward your annual goals for the entire year.
  5. How to set yourself up to win in the New Year!
  6. Over 2-1/2 hours of training with lifetime access!