Next Level Accountability Call (NLAC)

The Next Level Accountability Call (NLAC) is an effective and time saving tool which can be used by organizational leaders as a coaching platform. It is designed to help each participant consistently grow in both confidence and results. People grow by developing confidence, and people develop confidence by the experience of successful attempts. When a person attempts something new and it succeeds, they grow in confidence. This is the single objective of the NLAC — to help people grow.

For Leaders

NLAC Leaders Guide – printable version

NLAC Leaders Guide – audio version

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For Participants

NLAC Participants Guide – printable version

NLAC Participants Guide – audio version


The Next Level Accountability Call – Questions and Answers

The following questions are some of the most often asked questions regarding the NLAC.

How long should the call last, on average?

The shorter the better, the call should last only 10 to 20 minutes. Always follow the three parts of the call and do not add other things like announcements, updates, or training.

How many people should be on the call?

15-20 is ideal but a smaller group of 4- 10 can still be very effective. After 20 you need to start looking at other call leaders to break up the size of the call participants.

Who should run the call?

Any leader can run the call and that does not necessarily imply a certain rank.  The most important question is, do they feel ready and do they want to. The 3 steps of the call are simple and easy to follow.

What is the best time for the call?

We have not observed that there is any perfect time. Find a time that fits most everyone but remember that there is no “perfect” time.

Can I add special announcements or other training?

No and No! The call should stand alone on its own merits. If you add additional things it diminishes the significance of the call.

How many KPIs should I measure?

No more than five. Find the most important KPIs for you and your team right now and track those. If you ever feel that you need to measure something else you must subtract an existing KPI. No more than five!

Can I run a NLAC for new Team Members?

It does work, but it should never replace the leader call. You should always be careful with adding additional calls.

When can I coach individual participants?

Never coach on the call. You should make a few individual coaching calls weekly. Coach on what they need. Example, when you find that someone is reporting high numbers and low results that is an indication of a needed individual coaching call.

Should I try to bring in new participants?

By all means yes! Try to invite 1-2 new participants to the call weekly. An individual invitation to participate has more power than a group request.

If two or more leaders are competing for which call someone is on, what should I do?

Help all call leaders remember that it does not matter which leader’s call someone is on as long as they’re on a call.

Who should be invited to participate on the call?

The call is intended for team leaders. It is counterproductive to include brand new team members with the leaders because you will be tracking KPIs that do not apply to their level. However, the NLAC will work with leaders as long as you keep the KPIs simple and applicable to their starting position, but never mix the groups.