“Using The Achievement Planner has allowed me to manage myself and my goals and be an achiever using the 24 hours we have each day. Stress levels have lowered and I definitely no longer have a sense of feeling overwhelmed in my personal life or my business life. To be able to live your life without feeling stressed, yet everyday go to bed at night knowing you achieved something and gotten done what you were supposed to get done. That is very rewarding.”

– Sonia, Pilates Instructor

Next Level Growth

The term “Next Level” represents a place, position or station in life at which you have never been before.  Getting to that next level is not easy or natural.  Of course, anyone can get lucky and temporally achieve a higher level, only to find that they slip back over the course of time.  The reason “Next Level Growth” is difficult is because of our natural, human instincts.  Instinctively, we hold on to sameness!  To consistently grow to new levels in life you need a proven system.  We have developed the “Next Level Achievement System™” to help you bypass your natural instincts and become “proactive” rather than “reactive” about all areas of your life.

Using the “Next Level Achievement System™”, you will discover exactly how to reach the next level.  The system is proven; you can measure the results, and you are holding it in your hands.

Next Level Achievement Coaching

Personalized Coaching to achieve “Next Level Growth”

The Byrd Group works with individuals from all businesses and backgrounds  in the   implementation of a proven system of  personal and professional leadership and organizational development. Personalized coaching is also available to assist in the implementation of the Next Level Achievement System™ . Our consultants work individually with clients in developing more effective and proactive behaviors that drive clarity, focus,  perspective, and balance.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to answer any questions or if you would  like to discuss your options for individual coaching and development work.

Next Level Achievement System™

Vision, Goals, Monthly Plans, Daily Choices and Actions

The “Next-Level Achievement SystemTM” is a simple four-part system of personal growth and management designed to promote a proactive perspective of life and work. The following is a short preview of the four parts of the system:

Vision: “We tend to move in the direction of our expectations!” Expectations originate in our imagination. The key to life’s direction, purpose, and balance is learning how to empower our gift of imagination. The process begins with developing the capacity to use this gift.

Annual Goals: Most people and organizations do not consistently accomplish goals simply because they lack a system of setting specific and realistic goals. The system supports a goal-planning process that directs one in setting specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic goals with action plans and target dates.

Monthly Plans: There is magic in planning. If you can learn how to consistently accomplish monthly goals, you can certainly accomplish annual goals. Monthly planning involves the measure of “effectiveness.” Effectiveness is the process of multiplying what works, abandoning what doesn’t, and always knowing the difference.

Daily Choices and Actions: We are today the sum total of the choices we’ve made in the past. If you want to change any part of your current station in life, you need to simply change the quality of your choices. When moment-by-moment choice comes in alignment with long-term dreams and goals, achievement begins!

The “Next Level Achievement SystemTM” comes with a full seven-session CD which guides you through the entire system. Order Now.