Becoming A Master Planner

Do you feel in control of your day, or do you feel your day is controlling you? In my years of experience and in talking with hundreds of clients, I typically hear things like, “I am so busy all day long, but at the end of the day I don’t feel as if I’ve accomplished much.” This seems to be common for so many people. So, let me ask you a few things:

If you answered Yes to most of the questions above, then you are living life reactively. We are reactive creatures by nature. So, you are not alone. I intend no judgment or guilt with living life this way. I only intend to possibly create a new level of personal awareness. When you become aware, you realize there is another way. You can choose to live life proactively. This means you intentionally focus on what is most important, live in the present moment, are creative and imaginative, and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

So how do you live life proactively?

Well, according to Einstein, time doesn’t really exist. We think of time as something we manage, but really, the only things that we can manage are our choices. The degree of your long-term achievement depends 100% on the quality of the choices you make on a moment-by-moment basis. So, are you making choices in alignment with your dreams and goals, or are you making choices in alignment with your feelings? If you want it all — with balance between work, family, and all the other areas of your life — become a MASTER PLANNER.

Here are four tips on how to transform your life by becoming a master planner starting today:

  1. Plan tomorrow before tomorrow begins.

Take five minutes every day to plan your next day. This is where you write out your schedule, prioritize your top things to do, and schedule specific time in your schedule to get the important things done. We call the daily priorities To Do’s.


  1. Work in intentional blocks of time.

I believe in Time Blocking. Time blocking means you are simply making an appointment with yourself to complete a specific task. When we try to multi-task all day long, something is getting short-changed, and it can also be exhausting. Instead of doing everything all day long, schedule blocks of time to get the big things done.

  1. Create space for life balance.

Never expect extra time to just appear out of nowhere. Create time in your schedule for those things that are important to you. Schedule in your family time and time for self-care. This allows you to create space for both your personal and professional life.

  1. Implement a digital detox.

Do you feel you are on call 24/7 and feel compelled to check your phone every few minutes? Being connected and immersed in the digital world may be a part of your everyday life, but being constantly connected to your phone usually creates more stress in your life and blocks you from living in the present moment. Consider turning your phone off at special times during your day, such as dinner and during conversations with family or friends.  Detoxing from your digital devices will help your mental well-being and maximize social interactions that bring joy and fulfillment to your proactive life-style.

Implementing these four tips can be your first steps in intentionally creating proactive behaviors which will empower you in becoming a better version of yourself. This can be your new NEXT LEVEL in your life. The bottom line is this, “To create something new in your life requires you to make new and intentional choices.”  So, I leave you with this question, “Are you ready to take the first step in creating lasting change?”  This question stands as a challenge to begin a unique and abundant life. It is within reach!  You can create it! Simply start by making the choice to become a master planner. What an amazing gift to yourself!

In love and gratitude,