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We work with individuals and businesses. We address issues of personal mindset, individual and group leadership and consistent business and organizational growth.
We conduct retreats and workshops around the world. Our retreats and workshops are always aimed at helping people overcome the instinctive obstacles in human nature and learn how to consistently grow, rather than instinctively decline.
We are available to speak to non-profit, educational, community, corporate and other groups. Our subject matter is diverse and designed to accomplish the specific objectives of the audience.


The Next Level Achievement System™ is a system of personal management designed to help anyone create a more effective way of living. The creation of a consistent lifestyle directed by proactive thought, rather than reactive instinct, is the objective of this system.
David Byrd is the author of the book, “The Tripping Point in Leadership,” which became a best-seller. He has also authored two other books, “Achievement” and “The Language of Achievement.” These books are available from our web store.
A centered mindset is one of the most important qualities of an effective leader. We believe that everyone, regardless of what one does, is a leader. Our mediation tools allow you to develop and use the power of your thoughts and control the instinctive emotions of fear.
Inspiring transformational change through experiencing a grander vision of self.
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