Meditation Mastermind

Come together and raise the collective consciousness

An 8-week program with weekly live mediations via Zoom.


Meditation Mastermind is a new 8-week program with weekly live meditations.  As you may already know, meditation, in general, has many well-known benefits. Meditation has been shown to help people psychologically both by reducing anxiety and by providing a supportive community.  We are all connected. Therefore, anything one does as an individual affects the whole. As one neuroscientist said:

“When a group of people come together with a specific intention or collective consciousness to change some “thing” or produce an outcome, if they create it with the energy and emotions of peace, unity, or oneness – without physically doing anything – that unified community can produce changes 70% of the time!”

Whether you have just never been able to make meditation a habit or if you want to be a part of sharing your energy with those around you, this program is for you! We will feature several guest teachers giving you the opportunity to practice various kinds of meditation – guided, tapping, breathwork, and accessing your own intuitive guidance.

The Details:

  • Sessions will be conducted via Zoom technology, meaning you can do this during quarantine (and in your P.J.’s, if you want).
  • Sessions will be held on Tuesdays at 6 pm PT/8 pm CT/9 pm ET.
  • Can’t make a session? Don’t worry!  Sessions will be recorded and available for one week, so you won’t miss a thing!
  • Program is only $77 – less than $10 per session!
  • Sessions begin April 21S tand run through June 9th.