What’s In A Name?

Fifteen years ago, I registered the name David Byrd Consulting as a Texas LLC.  I have been very proud of that name and our company reputation for a long time now.  It’s good to have a business name that identifies one’s history and legacy.  A business name can easily be recognized in corporate America, but, what’s really in a business name?

David Byrd Consulting began as a leadership development and training company, and as our business has grown over the years, it has expanded into new directions with new people.  Our daughter, Jenni Byrd Grier, joined our company in 2015 and brought 18 years of executive and corporate experience to our company.  She is now the President of David Byrd Consulting, LLC.  We have also expanded our work into deeper levels of leadership and organizational training systems.  Our most recent additions in the fields of mindset and the science of quantum physics are becoming exciting new additions for our company.

So, a company name is much more than a tag for advertising.  The name must always communicate innovation and progressive ideas, and that name must become indicative of those elements.  So, with that understanding, I am proud to announce that David Byrd Consulting will be evolving into a new name!  That new name is The Byrd Group.

The new name will be accentuated by an upgraded website with a refreshed look highlighting all of our forward-thinking products and services.  You can check it out at Our team will all remain in place; I will stay in the role of CEO and Founder, and Jenni will continue to serve as President.  Debbie Mays remains as Business and Customer Services Coordinator.

So, we are excited about moving forward into a future of dynamic evolution and proactive change!  You, our customers and friends, are very much a part of this vibrant evolution into our mutual futures.  I welcome you to join us in this beautiful journey of love, trust, dynamic change and achievement.

David Byrd
CEO & Founder
The Byrd Group