The Space In-Between

Do you think of yourself as an observer of your life or a participant in your life?  The reason I ask is because the answer to that question can be the determining factor between living in continuous growth and abundance or decline and scarcity. My experience confirms that this question is relevant because I find that most people think of themselves as one or the other.

Some people simply watch life as it happens to them.  They feel no real control over the external realities of their life and simply worry and stress over the future because they believe that they have no control.  Others seem to intentionally direct their lives through a faith or trust that becomes greater than their fears and doubts.  They feel that there is much more to life than random experiences.  They seem to have a conscious awareness that sees beyond current reality and believe that they do have an impact on the future reality they choose to experience.  They sense that they are in some way participating, and even directing, their lives.  So, which are you – “Observer” or “Participant”?

It’s not impossible, but it is difficult for an adult, who has accepted the observer mind-set throughout their adult life, to change.  The unconscious habit of observing life as it happens seems to confirm a feeling of separation between life and the things that are happening around them.  It can become so ingrained into their subconscious that it seems simple to accept it as their truth.  They live accordingly — as human beings victimized by circumstances outside of their control.  They feel that they have no choice but to observe what happens in their life and accept that as their reality.

So, what is the common denominator between the Observer and the Participant? The one thing that shows up as different seems to be the consistent belief in “Separation,” which brings us to the topic of “The Space In-Between.”  When you attend a social function and engage someone in a casual conversation, what physically exists between you and the person with whom you are having a conversation?  Better still, what if that person is on the telephone, and they are 100 miles away?  Is there anything in that space in between the two of you?

To our physical senses, it seems that the space between all things is empty.  If the space around us is empty, we must conclude that we are separate from all things.  This mind-set of separation leads to feelings of helplessness, fear and doubt.  Science now tells us that there is always something physical that exists between you and your conversation, no matter how far apart.  This something cannot be visually observed.  We can’t see it, but yet, it’s there and can be scientifically measured.

To get to the point quickly, empty space does not exist! There is always something physical between you, others, things (physical matter), and your thoughts and emotions.  That physical something is called “quanta,” and the quanta makes up the quantum universal field, matrix or web.  Most all of the ancient civilizations understood and recorded this understanding.  There is physically something in all space, and that something can now be measured.  The quantum field facilitates light, sound, energy (heat, radiation, waves of sound, etc.) and all creation.

Empty space does not exist.  So, the “Space In-Between” becomes important because it connects us to each other, current reality and the universe.  The magical reality of The Space In-Between confirms that we are not separate.  We are connected to every part of our physical reality, even the Creator of it all.

Much of our current society seems to be reacting to some type of separation and isolation.  It seems that everything separates us today.  We are separated by politics, cultures, religion, bias, skin color, egos, etc. The list goes on because we, as a people, believe so strongly in a false truth of separation!

If this article is making sense to you, here’s something you can do:  become consciously aware that you are not separate from God, each other, circumstances, the world or the universe.  When you look up at the stars, you know that you are a part of it; you are connected to all things.

Scientist Greg Braden, author of the book, “The Devine Matrix” says, “We share the pure quantum space (between all things) where imagination lives and reality is born.”  We are not separated from our personal reality (thoughts and feelings), creations, people or Creator.  We are connected through “The Space In-Between”.

You hear me talk about the “The Moment of Now”.  That thought is difficult for all of us; however, the only time in which we can live is in this very moment.  Life happens in between the past and the future.  The Observer of life lives in the memories of the past that is gone and the fears of a future that does not yet exist.  The Participant, however, lives in the magic of The Space In-Between, the place where all creation begins.  We are not separate from ourselves, our thoughts or others.  Empty space does not exist.  Between the dichotomies of opposites, hate seems hopelessly separated from love, but you know where the magic lives. It lives in the energy of The Space in-Between, and we have the power to influence that space through our conscious awareness!

-David Byrd

David Byrd is an author, coach, consultant, and a developer of personal growth behaviors in pursuit of Achievement. Founder and CEO of David Byrd Consulting, LLC, he is a master of effective leadership and works closely with leaders and their organizations worldwide utilizing a system of personal management and achievement called the Next Level Achievement System™. He is a best-selling author with four published books, a sought after speaker, and leadership development consultant.

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