The Role of Energy in Personal Growth

One of the most important concepts in personal development is the concept of “Grow or Decline”. I would further define this concept in this way: the reality, for all of us, is that we only have two choices when it comes to our individual lives, and that is to grow or decline. There is literally no in-between position in life. Anytime I talk about this concept to a group there is always the comment that there must be a third life position of being in-between, not growing but not declining either. The intimation is there must be a comfortable place in life where we are neither growing nor declining but rather in a static position of sameness. I have found that there is no such life position, and I would like to debate the existence of a static position in life by considering the scientific facts of how energy affects our lives in only one of two ways, our growth or our decline.

Daily your conscious mind is engaged in thoughts, actions, emotions and feelings. You can completely control your thoughts, but the actions, emotions and feelings are usually reactive specific to the quality of the thought. So, if we do not assume conscious control of our thoughts, the resulting actions, emotions and feelings are automatically instinctive.

The result of the process of thought is vibrational energy. Every thought you entertain creates an energy of vibration in your brain. The energy then flows through every energy center and cell in your body, and it doesn’t stop there. The energy being created in your body begins to affect the energy outside your body and creates a matching vibration in direct alignment with your thoughts. That vibrational energy now begins to influence the energy field outside your body. That influence of energy sends an energy signal that begins to manifest the perfect reality that matches the energy. So, if we are actively generating the thoughts that create the energy of growth, we will manifest growth. However, if we consistently create the energy of fear or any of the derivatives of fear, we will manifest decline.

Almost everyone, when given the opportunity to choose, would choose growth. However, growth requires the development of conscious, proactive thought. The only alternative to conscious thought is reactive thought. Our human instincts will always encourage reactive thought. Remember, our instincts are always trying to keep us safe. So, if we are unconsciously reacting to our natural instincts, safety will always be more important than our growth. If we are not consciously aware of our thoughts, we drift into a life position of decline because we have mistaken sameness for growth. So, if we can remain safe, our instincts have accomplished their goal. However, the problem with that process of reactive thought is that we are following the lead of our human instincts in our thinking patterns. When we think with our instincts, we become victims of the externals in our lives. This is how the animal and plant kingdoms react, but we were created differently. As human beings, we were created with higher cognitive, creative capacities of thought. We can actually think forward with an imagination. We can plan forward with respect to what is best for our lives.

When we use these higher, human cognitive gifts, we can think forward using our gifts of imagination and intuition. This thought process is called proactive thought. Only human beings have the ability to think proactively. So, when a person decides to practice being mindfully aware of their thinking process, they can learn to replace reactive thought for proactive thought. This does require a period of intentional thought and practice to begin to change from reactive thought to proactive thought. It is beneficial to use a system of personal management that stimulates certain actions that require proactive thought. You can actually build the habit of thinking proactively. The Next Level Achievement System is built on this premise.

Being consciously aware of your thoughts is not as simple as changing your mind about how you think. The average, unaware adult has invested a lifetime of daily, unconscious, thinking patterns that are invested in the reality of the externals around them. There is an alternative. You can begin to intentionally gain control of your thoughts and create the emotions and feelings of the future reality you truly desire. Your thoughts start the vibrational energy in you; you then create the vibrational energy around you. That process generates the creative energy of manifestation. You begin to live a life that you truly love.

Don’t miss my next article where I will discuss the important connection between your emotions and feelings. Until next time, may God Bless.

David Byrd


David Byrd is an author, coach, consultant, and a developer of personal growth behaviors in pursuit of Achievement. Founder and CEO of The Byrd Group, he is a master of effective leadership and works closely with leaders and their organizations worldwide utilizing a system of personal management and achievement called the Next Level Achievement System™. He is a best-selling author with four published books, a sought after speaker, and leadership development consultant.