The Process of Edification

The process of edification is extremely important when introducing a speaker who is doing a presentation for you.  When I am presenting, hopefully I’ve generated some energy. I would like for the speaker following me to be able to carry on with that energy in their presentation. If the audience doesn’t know the next speaker very well, that energy has to be recreated when I get off the stage if I don’t pass the energy torch to them. That’s psychologically what we call edification and it’s extremely important.

I was on a call recently and my introduction went something like this, “Okay, we’re excited to have David Byrd on the phone with us today. Okay David, you can take it away now.”  Getting the energy back into that call was like pumping up a bicycle tire with a hole in it.

Always make your edification’s real, don’t make stuff up. I hate hearing, “He’s a great person, here he is.” Make it real.  If you don’t know the person you can say, “I cannot wait to start taking notes along with you, because if this speaker is half as good as what I have heard, we are all in for a big treat.” That’s edifying somebody you don’t know, don’t make it up as if you do know.

In short:

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