The Most Important Collaboration – Part 2

The definition of collaboration is, “The act of working with someone or something to create something new or non-existent.” Last month I wrote about your most important COLLABORATION – the collaboration with your own mind! I shared with you how your brain wants to be right; therefore, your mind does exactly what it thinks you want it to do. It uses your emotions and internal self-talk to determine its course of direction. I also discussed how our natural human instincts always first respond to our safety and “sameness.” Therefore, we instinctively interpret sameness as security. So, when we try something new, it may work well for a few days or weeks, but then we retreat back to the sameness of our comfort zones.

In this month’s newsletter I want to continue the conversation around the importance of collaboration with your own mind. When it comes to creating something new, your mind is your greatest ally. My purpose is to share a few more ideas that can increase your level of awareness around your most important collaboration – YOUR OWN MIND!

The way your mind understands how you feel about something is determined by two things: the pictures in your head and the words you use to describe them. This is why I love dream boards, vision statements, affirmations, etc. These are tools that help us focus on what we truly want to happen.   More likely than not, most people spend the majority of their time focused on what they don’t want to happen. We call that WORRY! The majority of worry comes from one thing – FEAR. I recently heard someone describe FEAR as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” I love this! Your goal should be to make fear your AUDIENCE and not your AUDIO!

We all tend naturally to fixate on negative experiences. Scientists have recently discovered that positive and negative emotions use different memory systems in the brain. Positive emotions don’t transfer as easily to long term memory as one would think. One scientist explains it this way, “The brain is like Velcro for negative experiences and Teflon for positive ones.” This “negativity bias” causes the brain to react very intensely to bad news, compared to how it responds to good news. So, on a day-to-day basis most of us don’t stay with our positive experiences long enough for them to be encoded into our brain. We naturally fixate on negative experiences. So, it’s important to make sure that you are always giving your attention to the good and being present for life’s joyful moments, even the smallest ones.

In addition, your mind loves the familiar; it is programmed to stay the same. That’s why we call those accustomed places COMFORT ZONES! You have heard me say before that, “We will never grow to new levels instinctively.” So, that means to grow to new levels, you must do so intentionally. You must make the unfamiliar familiar. To reach new levels of achievement, you must make the newness of that achievement feel familiar.

Think about the average person. What is familiar to the average person’s mind? I find that it is things like procrastination, fear of public speaking, not focusing on personal goals, instinctive reactions, stress, worry, etc. For the person who sincerely wants to achieve, their focus must change to the unfamiliar feelings of abundance, trust, expectancy, clearly defined goals, love, gratitude, belief and hard work. I love to hear stories about people who have made the unfamiliar familiar!

Roger Bannister ran a mile in under four minutes; no one had ever done that before. He used visualization techniques and saw his body doing it in under four minutes. He made it familiar. Guess what? The next year eight more people did it; then the following year 57 more people did it. He made what was unfamiliar familiar! Mark Spitz won seven gold medals for swimming, and now his speed records aren’t even that special anymore. He made the unfamiliar familiar. So, it’s possible to make the unfamiliar familiar!

Achievement is for those who can overcome our greatest obstacle, our own mind! You will be amazed at what can be accomplished when you consider your mind as your most important business partner. Collaboration with your own mind starts with AWARENESS. Just start becoming more aware of your thoughts, your self-talk and your natural human instincts. Your thoughts and emotions generate the creations of your life. Expect and trust the magic of that type of collaboration. Real change begins with awareness, and awareness always leads to “CHOICE.”

How are you going to choose?

In love and gratitude,



Jenni Byrd Grier, President of The Byrd Group, is an accomplished International speaker with more than 15 years of corporate management and leadership experience as well as an MBA in International Business. Jenni is a life-changing Next Level Achievement™ Coach who will help you create a vision, live life with intentionality, set goals and make them happen.  You can find more information on personalized coaching with Jenni here.