The Home Stretch: Tips to Finish 2017 STRONG!

It’s the last quarter of the year, which means you should be preparing to close out your year. The last quarter is not the same as the other quarters in the year, and it will take some extra planning. You can be rocking right along throughout the year, and the last quarter will slap you in the face if you are not prepared for it.  I know people who just absolutely blow it out of the water in the last quarter of the year. I believe in doing that, but it takes some special planning.

November has about a week and a half of nontypical business cycle days.  In other words, the days are not the same as normal business days. The difference being where a person’s mindset is. For many years, I fought this and just plowed right on through it, but you cannot fight it – it’s just too big. People’s heads get out of the game. You are not going to be able to talk business on Thanksgiving Day the way you would on the first day of November. Understand it is going to be different and plan for it.

In November, the 2nd to the 17th will be normal business cycle days. You have almost two and a half weeks to really push the month of November – this is for your own personal production. You cannot just put your team off and not work with them, but eighty percent of your work effort needs to go to your personal production during those first two weeks and twenty percent will be going somewhere else – your team.

Starting on November 20th, things begin to change. People are moving towards Thanksgiving and many people take that week off or might work up until Wednesday and then their head is out of the game as they are traveling to meet family for Thanksgiving. The week of the 20th is a nonbusiness cycle week. When I say nonbusiness cycle, I do not mean not to work. The holiday season has a special spirit to it, and people’s mindsets are open. Sometimes the best business building conversations you can have are going to take place those last two weeks of November. You may be seeing people you have not seen in years, different people who will be in a different mindset than they normally are. There are a lot of good things that happen. Just understand, it’s not business as usual – it is different. That is why I call them nontypical business cycle days. This will continue to the end of the month.

There are about 2 ½ weeks for you to make your month of November, personally and with your team.  Share this planning with your leaders and make sure they are doubling their efforts by the 19th. What I mean by that is whatever they would normally do, multiply that by 2; double exposures, double follow ups, etc. By November 19th, you need to have 8-10 Class A prospects.  You will be happy that you did all the planning and sowing early in the month so you can reap the harvest at the end of the month.

In December, the first workday of the month is Friday. By December 4th, things are back to typical business cycle days through the second week, even though there still may be some holiday spirit from the Thanksgiving season. During this time, you will conduct business; however, double your efforts and get it done by the 15th of the month. Then you can enjoy the holidays with everyone else and you can be more open to getting to know people, getting to meet people, and talking to them in a different way about the business in a very casual environment. There are a lot of good things about the holiday that you can take advantage of. However, if you are under the gun to make your month on the 21st, you are in trouble. Do not wait until then. Get all of your work by the 15th. It can be done. I’ve seen it done, and I’ve done it personally.  By December 17th, you need to have 8-10 Class A prospects to invite into the business at the end of the month.

The last 2 weeks of the month turn into nontypical business cycle days. On the 18th, people are thinking about Christmas lights and decorations and preparing for the weekend. Christmas Day comes on Monday this year. The last two weeks of the month you can work, but understand it is going to be different; it is a different business cycle day.

Get everybody back involved in their business those first two weeks of January.  Everyone is still in the spirit on January 2nd but by January 3rd, the crash comes. You need to be prepared to pick up your leaders, get them fired up, and double your activity by the 19th of the month. Do not wait. This is what everybody does. They say, ‘it’s the first of the year, I have 12 months, so what if I take the first month off.’ You need to know this happens. You need to get these leaders moving during the first two weeks of January to be able to make your month.

The most counseling we do with people are helping them get centered again, helping them gain clarity in their life again, and most of that work is done in the months of December and January because they didn’t take part in last quarter planning.


Quick Review:


•   Double your efforts through the 19th

•   8-10 real class A prospects by the 19th


•   Double your efforts through the 17th

•   8-10 real class A prospects by the 17th


•   Fire up your team the first week

•   Double your efforts through 19th

•   8-10 real class A prospects by the 23rd


-David Byrd

David Byrd is an author, coach, consultant, and a developer of personal growth behaviors in pursuit of Achievement. Founder and CEO of David Byrd Consulting, LLC, he is a master of effective leadership and works closely with leaders and their organizations worldwide utilizing a system of personal management and achievement called the Next Level Achievement System™. He is a best-selling author with four published books, a sought after speaker, and leadership development consultant.

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