The Earth’s Frequency and How It Impacts Us

Some call it the Earth’s heartbeat, and others call it the Earth’s vibration. It is actually a frequency, and technically it is called the Schumann Resonance. It is the electromagnetic frequency surrounding our planet.

In 1952 Winfred Otto Schumann, a German physicist, discovered that the resonance frequency of the Earth is 7.83Hz. I find this so fascinating because this just happens to be the sweet spot for meditation. When you are deep in meditation (or hypnosis), your brain waves are between 7-8 Hz. At this vibration, you are in complete alignment with the Earth’s frequency. Although the frequency can spike up or down, the Schumann resonance primarily sits at 7.83Hz … until recently. In 2014 the baseline frequency of 7.83Hz started increasing and ascended upwards, spiking as far up as 15-25 Hz. On January 31, 2017, for the first time in recorded history, the Schumann resonance reached frequencies of 36+Hz. In the last year these spikes have gone even higher. Just last week on June 18th, the Schumann Resonance peaked at 190 Hz, the highest ever recorded, and also in a pattern that has never been seen before. Some scientists have theorized that this new pattern may be a glitch in the system, but it seems reasonable that the vibrational frequency of the Earth is changing.

So, why does all this matter, and what does it mean for us? It has been suspected that human consciousness can impact the magnetic field of the earth and vice versa. We do know that our DNA acts as an antenna to these frequencies. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that the earth’s resonance directly impacts our brainwaves and overall health. We know that these frequencies have an impact on us and are important to our physical and mental well-being. Initially, this change in frequency may create discomfort — redness, depression, dizziness, migraines, etc. Our bodies are adjusting to these new, higher frequencies. While adjusting to these new frequencies, I encourage you to embrace them with a new level of awareness. Spend some time in meditation, take a nap, spend more time outdoors grounding, listen to frequency music, and, most importantly, give yourself grace.

So, if the Earth’s frequency is rising, shouldn’t that also raise our own frequency? If you want to read more about your own frequency, check out a blog I wrote earlier this year ( Increases in frequency create increases in  consciousness. I believe these increases in Earth’s frequency are leading to a high level of consciousness where love, grace and harmony dominate. Maybe we human beings must also transition. Perhaps we can move as a collective consciousness from a state of surviving to a state of abundance. Perhaps the Earth is assisting us in that transition. At first, we may find it hard to adapt to these new frequencies, but the journey of abundance is always a worthy one!

In love and gratitude,