The Creative Process

Have you ever dreamed about a future in which everything you ever wanted would be realized? I can predict some of your various responses:

“I don’t have time to speculate on an unknown future,” or

“The future dictates what happens; I have no control over it,” or

“I wait, and the future happens to me; I have no control or input.”

How about you? What do you think about the future? Do you play a role in designing a future you want, or is your future already cast in stone? Well, here are some facts which I have learned from personal   experience and from the most current science related to “The Creative Process.”

We are all born with the ability to influence the creative process. As a collective, we are all part of the creations of our world. Now, how exactly does that work? Good question!

Every physical object, including yourself and the people around you, are a representation of a specific, vibrational frequency. We, as human beings, can sometimes physically feel the vibrational frequency of another person. Have you ever been around another person who is very angry, and you can actually feel their anger?

Nothing can physically exist without this vibrational frequency. Every person or object has a specific range of frequency. Solid, or static objects, are a result of very slow vibrational frequency. However, living human beings have access to higher ranges of vibrational frequencies and also the unique ability to modulate their vibrational frequencies at will!

So, let’s tie all this together. If all physical creations have a specific vibrational frequency, could we not actually create a desired result by simply producing the matching appropriate, vibrational frequency? The answer is a resounding YES! That is “The Creative Process” and the answer to creating a life filled with accomplishments.

“The Creative Process” is driven by our thoughts and feelings! Our thoughts, feelings, words and imaginations all create a specific vibrational frequency. When you can match your desired results with the appropriate vibrational frequency, the creation of your desired results must inevitably come to pass!

What do you truly desire in your future? Is your vibrational frequency in alignment with that future? That means your thoughts, words, imagination and emotions cumulatively come together to create your personal reality. Ask yourself this question, does my vibrational frequency match my future dreams and goals? The Creative Process is in your complete control. Make sure that your vibrational frequency consistently matches your desired future. That represents “The Creative Process!”

Until Next Time,

David Byrd