The Awesome Power of Feelings

Throughout our entire life we are all familiar with the feelings that we experience from day to day.  However, I find that most of us are completely unaware of the impact our feelings have on our lives.  Those who are unaware usually think of their feelings as something that happens as a result of some external circumstance.  So, while we look outside to the externals of our lives, we begin to think of our feelings as something with which we have little, if any, control.  We condition our minds to wish for good things to happen so we can feel good, while living in the fear of bad things that could happen in the future.  This mindset leads to a victim mentality and robs us of the power that is ours.  This personal power is available if we simply choose to access that power.

Feelings can be used interchangeably with the word emotions.  We feel our emotions, and our emotions determine our feelings.  So, in this article I’ll use the word feelings to simplify the discussion.  Feelings are a result of an electrochemical reaction which begins in the brain.  That reaction is stimulated by a thought.  You first entertain a thought in your brain; then that thought creates an electrical impulse which travels across your brain to the pituitary gland in the center portion of your brain.  The pituitary gland then sends the exact chemical instructions to the adrenal glands to be secreted as a chemical substance into your entire body.  That chemical substance then creates the feelings that are perfectly matched to the feelings appropriate to your initial thought.

As example, something happens to you that makes you angry.  The feelings of anger first originate in the thought of anger in your own brain.  This may be a revelation to you, but the external event did not cause your anger. It was the thought which you created first in your brain.  So, what would have happened if you had never entertained the angry thought in the first place?  Obviously, the feelings of anger would have never been experienced!  This understanding holds great power for the person who becomes aware that the power to live in the creative emotions of love, trust and gratitude lies in the ability to take control of one’s own thoughts.  So, how do we do that?

Most people tend to respond to the circumstances of life with the negative emotions of fear, doubt, stress and/or worry.  How did we learn to do that?  We began, early in our childhood, to direct our thoughts according to our fears, rather than our desires.  We do that instinctively.  Our natural instincts are designed to keep us safe physically.  So, when we learn to direct our thoughts with our natural instincts instead of proactive thoughts of awareness, we tend to respond to life from a negative slant.  Why?  Simply because we learn not to trust our futures but to fear the unknown which could be out there.  This process is instinctive but not beyond our direct control.

We were created differently from the animal and plant kingdoms.  We have the power to choose.  We can choose to live in the emotions of love and trust.  The emotions of love and trust have a higher energy frequency than the emotions of fear and doubt.  So, the awesome power of our proactive, positive feelings can intentionally direct our lives toward abundance and happiness.  All we have to do is make a conscious choice to change the way we think.

That conscious choice is not as easy as just changing your mind to think differently.  Over ninety percent (90%) of our thoughts, during an average day of approximately seventy to eighty thousand thoughts, are direct products of our subconscious.  Your subconscious has stored every thought which is attached to a powerful feeling.  It’s similar to the software in your computer.  If you want your computer to produce something outside the software’s capacity, you must literally go into your computer and reprogram the existing software to change it.

You will never be able to change your instinctive, reactive thoughts without reprograming your subconscious.  Your subconscious is not available to your conscious mind.  So, if you can’t consciously change your subconscious, how can you reprogram or change your subconscious?  Through a process of reprograming called mindful awareness.

Your brain has a unique ability to change with your intentional directions.  The scientific term for this ability is “neuroplasticity”.  Your brain is not permanently hardwired as once believed!  It can change the bad parts of your subconscious with this neuroplasticity, but you have to do the reprograming work.  The beginning process of this reprograming begins in small steps.  It seems that we all want things to be fixed almost immediately; however, it has taken an entire lifetime to program your current subconscious.  It would make sense that you could not expect to change that lifetime of work in just a short inspirational moment.  I would like to suggest a few beginning steps:

  1. Pause for one minute three times per day. Make sure you’re in a quiet place; you are alone and with no interruptions, for one minute.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.
  3. Try to clear your mind of everything but your breath.
  4. Do this daily for 30 days.

Sounds easy, right?  You will find this to be possibly the hardest assignment of your life.  I challenge you to do this simple plan.  The first thing you’ll notice is that one minute will seem like an eternity.  The second thing you’ll notice will be how powerful your instinctive subconscious really is.  If you miss a day, just smile and start over tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up. That’s your natural human instincts trying to keep you from changing.

The simple question to ask yourself is this, “Is the work worth it”?  Well, it is your life!  Look for my next article in which I will build on what you have learned in this one.  I’ll also disclose the five most creative emotions to build into your future programing.

Until next time,

-David Byrd

David Byrd is an author, coach, consultant, and a developer of personal growth behaviors in pursuit of Achievement. Founder and CEO of David Byrd Consulting, LLC, he is a master of effective leadership and works closely with leaders and their organizations worldwide utilizing a system of personal management and achievement called the Next Level Achievement System™. He is a best-selling author with four published books, a sought after speaker, and leadership development consultant.