The 1 Minute Challenge

Do you believe what you focus on grows?  If you believe that, I have a question for you….How much intentional time (I’m not talking about a thought pops into your head) but how much true intentional time IN THE LAST WEEK – the past 7 days – have you invested in thinking about and centering your thoughts around how you want to close out 2017?  Write down that number in minutes.

Yes, I know all of you have done a Dream Board and a 5-year vision statement.  But how much time are you dedicating on a daily basis to thinking about it, dreaming about it, and putting your energy there. I am guessing you wrote down less than 10 minutes.  So you believe what you focus on grows but you’ve spent less than 10 minutes in the past 7 days focusing on what you want to happen.  That is 10 minutes out of a possible 10,080 minutes in a week, which works out to be a very minute fraction of time.

I want you to join me in the 1 MINUTE CHALLENGE!  Every morning before you get out of bed (and you can’t do this lying down because your body associates bed with sleep – so just sit up and swing your legs to the side of the bed).  Take one minute and visualize your goal by the end of the year.  Then think about the FEELINGs you would have if that goal was true TODAY.   The goal is to teach your body emotionally what your future FEELS like.  Memorize that energy and that feeling.  You are conditioning yourself to an emotion of your future – not your past.

This is why I always talk to people now about marrying an AFFIRMATION with an elevated emotion.  Too often we say the Affirmation but we immediately go back to fear and doubt.  For an affirmation or visualization to really work we have to not only say it but we have to think about the FEELING we would have if that affirmation were true TODAY.  And then the goal is to live your life by that FEELING – as if your affirmation were already true.

You are the magnet to your REALITY!  So I challenge you to spend 1 minute every morning proactively CHOOSING how you want to FEEL that day.  It can be as simple as choose gratitude or choose joy or choose peace.  I guarantee if you focus these feelings throughout the day, you will start to experience some amazing things!

This exercise would be a total of about 45 minutes between now and the end of the year. Is it worth 45 minutes of your time to focus on what you WANT to happen in your life?

So before today is over sit down and write down a PLAN for how you to want close out 2017!  And don’t forget to think about how that would FEEL!


-Jenni Byrd Grier

Jenni Byrd Grier, President of David Byrd Consulting, is an accomplished International speaker with more than 15 years of corporate management and leadership experience as well as an MBA in International Business. Jenni is a life-changing Next Level Achievement™ Coach who will help you create a vision, live life with intentionality, set goals and make them happen.  You can find more information on personalized coaching with Jenni here.