Setting Business Intentions

I want to review three things to focus on right now for your business.  Number one, it’s extremely important that you identify your intentions for your business this quarter. Why is that so vital right now? Your intentions drive your thoughts and your thoughts drive your choices. For instance, if your intentions are unclear and indecisive, you are consequently driving thoughts of doubt, which leads to choices of no growth. Your intentions drive everything.

To further explain this, your intentions come from your deep-seated perceptions in your subconscious that are driven from your unconscious subconscious beliefs. We all have these deep-seated beliefs about ourselves, other people, circumstances and situations.  Psychologists have found that many of those beliefs are not true. We have convinced ourselves of those untrue beliefs when we were young, and those beliefs became so deep seated in our subconscious they now drive our perceptions and therefore our intentions.

For instance, a person may grow up believing they are shy or not outgoing because maybe their mom or dad was that way.  We now know, scientifically, that genetics do not affect us in that way. You can be whoever you choose to be.  The environment you grew up in created those beliefs that drive you. Every time you question an intention, thought or choice, you can trace it all the way back to those deep-seated fears that cause you to have untrue beliefs about yourself, such as I’m shy, I’m not outgoing, I’m not as smart as everybody else. Those come from beliefs that you have held for a long time that may or may not be true.

Intentions drive your thoughts and your choices. What are your intentions for your business this quarter? Don’t wait until then to see if your indecisiveness or your indecision clears up, because it will not clear up until you clear it up.

Intentions drive your thoughts and your thoughts drive your choices. Your choices must be in alignment with what you truly desire. If you’re unsure about what you intend about your business this quarter, your thoughts and your choices will be unclear because you have no foundations of intentions behind it.

Number one:  Write down what you intend for your business by the end of this quarter. Your intentions have to be very clear. Clear intentions will drive very clear thoughts and it will drive very clear choices. That’s most important right now because your choices must be in alignment with what you desire. If you don’t know what it is you truly desire by the end of the quarter, your choices will be random because they have no foundation.

Number two:  Once you write down your first quarter intentions for your business, create a vivid mental picture of what the end of the quarter looks like and feels like.  Remember, everything you have ever achieved will be achieved in your head first, not your circumstances. Your circumstances follow the thoughts and the choices that you make moment by moment. It sends out ripples and it comes back to you. If you’re putting out the right energy and the right messages the ripples go out and come back the way you desire them to be. If you’re sending out negative ripples they come back in a negative form.

Create that clear mental picture of what the end of the quarter looks and feels like.  Then for one minute, three times a day, sit quietly with both feet on the floor and hands in your lap.  Close your eyes, straighten your back and clear your mind of all random conscious thoughts.  Then vividly use that gift of imagination and imagine what the end of the quarter will look like and feel like.

To some of you this may sound silly or foreign because we didn’t learn this stuff in school.  However, creating that clear mental picture creates an intentional environment for you that drives thoughts and choices, which are in direct alignment with your growth. Stop three times a day for one minute and do nothing but clear your mind and create that clear mental picture of where you choose to be at the end of the quarter; what it looks and feels like.

Some of us have difficulty with our imaginations because unfortunately it may have been filtered out many years prior.  I had teachers who insisted that I stop daydreaming and pay attention. I would look out the window and dream about recess or dream about going home where I could play. That gift of imagination may have been filtered out, but you still have it.  You just need to foster it and bring it back.  So, three times a day, vividly picture that mental image of your end of quarter date.

Number three:  Challenge every limiting belief that you have about yourself. Remember, we hold these beliefs subconsciously and are not aware of them. We created them when we were young.  We have these limiting beliefs in our subconscious that keep driving our perceptions and our intentions. It is extremely important that you expose those to the truth. Challenge every limiting belief.  The way you can find those limiting beliefs is listen what you tag to the words ‘I am’.  We use this phrase approximately 50 times per day and are completely unaware of it.

The next time you say ‘I am’ something, stop and consider what you said and go back and challenge that belief about yourself.  For instance, ‘I am shy’.   Go back and challenge that. Do you have any reason in your background for you to be shy and have no control over it? Well, no not really.  You can be more outgoing and you can get passed that. Challenge that limiting belief that you have about yourself and implant a new belief. I am outgoing and I am consistently moving forward in being more personable and outgoing. Watch the words you put behind I am because those are the most powerful statements you can make in your life, ‘I am’. When you say, I am frustrated, I am angry, I am bitter, I am overwhelmed, I am tired, I am … Watch it because all you are doing is programming the thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious.

Start building your own ‘I am’ statements. We do that in The Achievement PlannerTM when you write out your mission statement, your ‘I am’ statement. After you write ‘I am’, write in exactly who you say you are, not what you feel like you are and not what you do.   Who are you? I state that to myself four, five, six times during my day. I know who I am. I’ve been telling myself who I am for 40 years. Challenge every limiting belief.  Every thought comes from a belief that you hold in your subconscious. Most of those beliefs are not true. Psychologists have proven that. Watch your ‘I am’ statements.  My wife and I play that game all the time. We catch each other with our ‘I am’ statements. It’s helpful to do that if you just put aside the defensive part of it. ‘I am’ statements are very strong and proactive statements, so watch the statements that you tag behind the words ‘I am’.  Your ‘I am’ statements are clues that lead you to your unconscious fears that are driving these perceptions.

Every thought moves you forward or backward. Challenge every thought that does not serve your purpose of growth. Ask yourself, in what way is this thought serving my best interest?

            Quick review.

  1. Write a clear definition of your intentions for your business by the end of the quarter.
  2. Begin to create a very vivid mental picture of what the end of the quarter looks and feels like. Stop three times during the day shut off all your conscious thought and use your imagination to create that clear mental picture.
  3. Begin challenging every limiting thought that you have in your mind. You can trace those back to your ‘I am’ statements. The next time you say ‘I am’ something, stop and consider what you said and go back and challenge that belief about yourself.


Whatever you achieve in life will be achieved in your head first. If you have difficulty getting there in your head, you will have difficulty getting there in your reality.

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-David Byrd

David Byrd is an author, coach, consultant, and a developer of personal growth behaviors in pursuit of Achievement. Founder and CEO of David Byrd Consulting, LLC, he is a master of effective leadership and works closely with leaders and their organizations worldwide utilizing a system of personal management and achievement called the Next Level Achievement System™. He is a best-selling author with four published books, a sought after speaker, and leadership development consultant.

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