Plan Your Mindset

As you probably know, I am a believer in a system of personal management.  To consistently grow to new levels in life, you need a proven system — a system of personal management.  The Next Level Achievement System™ helps you bypass your natural instincts and become “proactive” rather than “reactive” about all areas of your life. This system teaches you how to write a vision statement, plan tomorrow before tomorrow begins, set attainable goals you will ACHIEVE and how to be EFFECTIVE in all areas of your life.  And seeing how it is the beginning of September, I hope you have already planned September! Planning your day and your month helps keep you in a proactive mindset.

“Cause and Effect” or “Causing an Effect”

I also want to focus on the importance of planning your mindset before your day begins.  I always say there are two ways to live your life – “Cause and Effect” OR “Causing an Effect.”

Cause and Effect:  When something good happens, you’re happy. Something bad happens, you’re sad.

Causing an Effect:  Means you are proactively choosing how you want to FEEL and because you are so focused on that emotion, it causes you to become aware when any “other” emotions surface. It definitely doesn’t mean you don’t feel these other feelings, but you recognize you have a Choice.  With every thought you have a CHOICE — to reinforce that thought and feeling OR to reject it and choose another one.

The universe does not respond to what you want. It responds to who you are being.  And your state of being is made up of your thoughts and feelings.  Feelings are our WINDOW to teachable moments.

What Does Your Future Feel Like?

The goal is to teach your body emotionally what your future FEELS like.  You may be asking, “Jenni, how do I do that?”  Well, think about a negative experience.  Have you ever gotten really angry and then a week later, you are retelling the story to a good friend, and you start to feel angry all over again?  What did you just do?  You created a feeling in yourself WITHOUT the experience happening.  So, if you can do it with negative emotions, can you also do it with positive emotions?  You have to decide what FEELINGS you want in your future.  And you have to make a CHOICE to live by these feelings every single day.  You memorize that energy and that feeling.  By doing this you are conditioning yourself to an emotion of your future, not your past. If you continue to live by the emotions and feelings of the past, then I can promise you that YOUR PAST will become your FUTURE.  So, start living by the emotions of your FUTURE.


I always talk to people about marrying an AFFIRMATION with an elevated emotion.  Too often we say the affirmation, but we immediately go back to feeling fear and doubt.  When we SAY an affirmation, we are affecting the 5% of our thoughts, our conscious mind.  For an affirmation to really work, we need not only to say it, but we have to think about the FEELING we would have if that affirmation were true TODAY.  When you start to focus on the FEELINGS, you are now starting to affect the 95% of your subconscious thoughts.  That is when real change begins!  The goal is to live your life by that future FEELING … as if your affirmation were already true.

Proactively Choose Your Mindset for the Day

A huge body of research now shows that mindfulness can have an incredibly positive impact on our lives. It has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It improves our focus, resilience, and memory, and it has a whole host of health benefits, including increased immune function and powerful anti-ageing properties. This is why I created my new online program, Mindset Mastery, a four-session online video program that will teach you these principles and much more.  For only $295, you will have unlimited access to all four video sessions and worksheets to utilize as often as you’d like.

People who practice mindfulness report feeling calmer and happier, having more fulfilling relationships, and experiencing a greater sense of life satisfaction and wellbeing. Mindfulness may be just as important to our health and wellbeing as eating nutritious food and getting regular exercise. And in the same way as we build our physical fitness through exercise, mindfulness helps us develop our mental fitness.  It is like a workout for the brain.

You are the magnet to your REALITY!  So, I challenge you to spend one minute every morning proactively CHOOSING your MINDSET for the day.  Think about how you want to FEEL that day.  It can be as simple as choosing gratitude, joy or peace.  I guarantee you that if you focus these feelings throughout the day, you will start to experience some amazing things! You attract to yourself that which you set out for yourself.

I have a calendar that has different quotes on it each day.  Today’s quote said this:

“Your desires and beliefs are just thoughts. Ask and it is given. You ask through your attention, through your wanting, through your desire – that is the asking.  Where you desire it to happen or you desire it not to happen, you are asking.”

So always proactively plan and choose your MINDSET before your day begins.  Real change begins with awareness, and awareness always leads to CHOICE.

How are you going to choose?

You can find more information about my Mindset Mastery Online Program here.

In love and gratitude,