Ever experience a strange uneasy feeling about a person or situation?  Or, have you ever had a sense of calm rush over you after making a tough decision? Or, have you ever felt goosebumps when someone says something that really resonates with you? That nudge, gut feeling, hunch, or sixth sense, whatever you call it, the sudden insight from deep within can guide you in life if you allow it.

I believe these nudges are actually signs from the other side — God, Spirit Guides, Universe – whatever terminology resonates with you. It all means the same to me – coming from this higher power and this higher intelligence that we, as humans, can tap into to guide our life.

I lived the majority of my early adult years as a super stressed-out corporate executive. While my faith and belief were always foundational and intact, I didn’t slow down long enough to even pay attention to the nudges. So, I believe God knew that my nudges back then needed to be more like a “knock-me-over-the-head” kind of moment. I describe my decision to leave the corporate world as one of these moments. I was climbing the corporate ladder and doing very well by these worldly standards. Then something happened at that job which made me so angry I even sought out the advice of an employment attorney.

It was around this same time my dad came to me and said, “Jen, I need to expand my business. I can do it with you or someone else. Let me know what you think.”  I’d like to think I would have had the courage to leave if everything had been going perfectly well, but the truth is I don’t know. The situation that made me so angry was the nudge and the catalyst for me taking a leap of faith and leaving the corporate world, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I now stand in such gratitude for that experience which had once made me so angry. That was my nudge to get me on the right path for doing what I was meant to do in this lifetime.

Since then, I have learned to slow down, connect, and pay attention in the present moment.  Living in the present moment is what has allowed me to take notice of the nudges. Sometimes the nudges show up to me as a small, still voice. It is as if I actually “hear” someone talking to me. These messages often float in so softly that I wonder if I just made them up. Learning to trust those soft messages has become key for me.

Other times these nudges are an overwhelming feeling or emotion. A few years ago, I was extremely upset about something which had happened. I remember I decided to go for a walk to try to clear my head. As I was walking in my neighborhood, tears were just flowing down my face. All of a sudden, I felt enveloped in this energy of love. It was stronger than anything I had ever felt before; it actually stopped me dead in my tracks. The best way I can describe it was that it was like I had walked into a brand-new energy field. In a flash I knew in my heart everything was going to be okay.

Last, but definitely not least, these nudges often show up as a “sign” of some sort. I believe it is absolutely okay for us to ASK for a sign. Butterflies have been a sign for me for quite some time, and they always seem to appear at the most random times. I have a ton of stories about butterflies showing up as my sign, but one of my favorites was at my Wine and Meditation Retreat in France. I had asked God for a sign for a very specific thing on this trip. At the beginning of this walking meditation as I was standing outside, this monarch butterfly lands right by my left foot. It doesn’t move once it lands. I then ask, “Is this my sign?  I’m not sure. How do I know this is my sign?” Right at that moment another monarch butterfly flies down and lands by my right foot. I am now flanked by butterflies, and I smile and say, “Thank you for my beautiful sign.”

So, I encourage you to slow down, live in the present moment, and pay attention to these nudges. Trust the nudges when they come and don’t be afraid to ask for that sign!


In love and gratitude,