Next Level Growth is a “Head” Game

Next level achievement references those successes that move you to new levels of accomplishment, achievements that rise above anything that you have ever attained in your past. That type of growth is what I call a “Head Game.” A better expression of that concept might be that every realization in life will be achieved in your head first and in reality second. This concept requires much more explanation, but the basics are simple — you can only achieve what your mind can believe!

Your future growth will always be achieved in your head first before you ever experience it in physical reality. Okay, this is critical. I’m going to ask you to hang on to this thought before you discount it as not applying to you. As an example, have you ever attended a meeting or conference in which you came away with a great feeling of, “I can do this!”? Then, less than a week later, you cannot remember what was said, why you were so excited or even what you thought you could do while you were at the meeting?

I find this issue to be the biggest block to personal achievement. I have experienced it with individual clients for over 40 years. If you’re honest with yourself, you have seen it, too, in yourself and those you lead. It’s nothing to be upset about because it’s normal behavior, but therein lies the problem! We have become so comfortable with waiting for the external circumstances of life to deliver a new level of growth. Remember this, “If you’re waiting, you’re not creating!”

Next level growth requires that you create the belief of achieving your desires in your head first. Only you can do that. External circumstances will begin to change when the energy of your belief overcomes your personal, self-imposed limitations. Yes, we all have those!

Our natural human instincts were given to us to keep us safe. However, we become so comfortable with them that we begin to think instinctively. Your instincts love sameness! In fact, those instincts will fight you every step of the way when you attempt to do something new. New growth can only come from doing something new and different. The same old thoughts, feelings and actions will always produce the same old results.

This is why I say that new growth always starts in your head first. You must win the battle in your head first with strong visual pictures of your new achievement and unfailing belief that you can do it! That mind-set changes the energy signature of your state of being. That new energy begins to create new growth, new enthusiasm and next level achievement.

I would like to encourage you to consider these words for yourself and your future growth. Your current reality is like a mirror; it reflects the energy of your thoughts, feelings and belief (state of being). Changing your thoughts and belief changes the energy of your state of being. Change the energy of your state of being (the sum of your thoughts, feelings and belief), and you change the external reality of your future. This is not hype — it’s science.

In summary, to achieve new levels in your life you must begin with new thoughts, new feelings and new belief. All that is accomplished in your head first, not in your physical reality. I believe in your next level growth!

May God bless,

David Byrd