New Beginning

I believe every human being eventually needs a new beginning at some time in their lives! New beginnings are a gift and can be used for different things like discouragement, disappointment, failure and surprisingly after success. After failure or discouragement, the only thing we have left is the possibility of a new beginning. After success we must have a new beginning to jump start us out of our well-deserved celebration and back into the reality of “Grow or Decline.”

Let’s get one thing clear — a new beginning is not an excuse for failure or a process of self-denial. It is simply a healthy way to look at life. We are all imperfect beings trying to be perfect. One is a reality, and the other is a delusion. I have helped many clients understand this truth about how to develop a lifestyle of winning.

Many of you have heard me talk about the life principle of “Grow or Decline.” Every person is in a constant state of growth or decline at any point in their lives. Unfortunately, most people believe they are neither growing nor declining but in a constant state of “In-between.” Please hear this — there is no in-between!

I can hear many of you right now saying to yourself, “WHAT?  Of course, there’s an in-between! That’s where I hang out to relieve myself from the constant need to do things. I’m not growing or declining because I’m in-between!” Here is the truth—a continuous state of In-between is a state of decline in disguise. Now, taking a short break to breath and restart is a good thing. However, if we become comfortable with just staying in that place and using the excuse of, “I’m not declining; I’m in-between,” that’s a delusion.  The delusion of “In-between” is a state of decline, but it feels good — for a while!

New beginnings are a beautiful part of life, and they are there for us to use. We can use “in-between” to regroup and rest. It’s kind of like a safe harbor but only for a short period of time. That’s where New Beginnings come in. It’s a place to rest and restore while you begin to plan your comeback and quickly put that plan into action.

If it were not for new beginnings, humanity would be in a constant state of decline, and the end is predictable. This is January, and we are in a mind-set of another new year. This is a beautiful example of the concept of New Beginnings, like a field of freshly fallen snow.  We can be excited about this New Year, this New Beginning. The freshly fallen snow has no footprints in it. This is your new beginning to set your goals, develop your action plans and start making new footprints in this New Year! Winning is never final, and failure is never fatal because we always have this beautiful gift of New Beginnings.

I love you guys a bunch!  God Bless.

David Byrd