Living in Awareness

Are you living in awareness? Not only is it estimated that 95% of our behaviors run on auto-pilot, but scientists also say that by the age of 35, we have become a memorized state of being – memorized behaviors, memorized emotions, learned perceptions, etc.

We are living on auto-pilot and don’t even realize it. We are living in a state of unawareness. Here are just a few signs to show that you may be living life unconsciously or on auto-pilot:

So why is awareness so important?

All progress and growth begin with new choices.  Knowledge changes nothing, but AWARENESS changes everything!  Why?  Because when you become aware of what you know, that leads to new choices and growth. We can only change the things of which we are AWARE.  When we are unaware, we unconsciously choose the same thoughts, behaviors and feelings which we have always chosen in the past. Those old thoughts, behaviors and feelings usually don’t serve our highest good or reflect our true self. It is impossible to fully understand your true self by living your life unconsciously.

So, the ultimate goal is to live life in a constant state of awareness. When you live life in awareness, you create emotional space for yourself. This emotional space allows you to tune into what is happening both inside and outside of you — in the present moment. In turn, it allows you to proactively choose who you want to be on a moment-by-moment basis. You start living life as you were designed to be – a divine spiritual being filled with light and love!

Here are three tips you can implement today to start enhancing your current level of awareness:

  1. Mindful wakeup: become aware and awake of your Intentions for the day.

Setting intentions is a way to bring your heart and mind into alignment. This is the first step in choosing how you want to live your life today. This practice is best done first thing in the morning, before checking your phone or email.  When you wake up, sit in your bed or a chair and close your eyes.  Take three nourishing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Then ask yourself, “How do I want to show up today?”  As you ask this question, think about the people and the activities you will face that day.

  1. Schedule mindful pauses.

Stopping throughout the day for a “mini-break” is a great way to calm the mind and reconnect to the intention you set in the morning. Simply close your eyes and observe your breath for five minutes. Check-in with your body and notice if you are holding onto any stress. With each exhale, imagine the tension or stress leaving your body. Once you are more relaxed, you will think more clearly, and this also gets your creative juices flowing again.

  1. Recognize your triggers.

When someone annoys you or you get angry listening to the evening news, you are being triggered by external circumstances. That is completely normal and part of the human experience. So be sure to give yourself some grace.  However, the key is to recognize when you are being triggered and simply become an observer of your feelings. As an observer, you can recognize that YOU are not what you are experiencing or feeling but are simply having a feeling that is coming from an external source. Then, you can proactively choose who you want to be in that moment and how you want to feel. The goal is to live above your circumstances and not in them. So, you can start by creating some awareness around what triggers you. Your triggers are a key to your transformation.

Start today being your AMAZING TRUE SELF by increasing your awareness with these three simple steps! In doing this remember that…

You are FREE!

You have CHOICE!


We are not victims of our external circumstances. Living in awareness allows you to step into your true self, who you were truly intended be. Strive to live every day in awareness, fully present, in the moment, and proactively choosing how you want to feel.

I wish you a joyful holiday season.

In love and gratitude,