Life Happens

Have you ever heard the phrase “Life Happens”? It’s commonly used with the intentions of helping someone through an unexpected difficulty in life? It goes something like this… “Well, you have to remember that life happens to all of us.” I have had it said to me many times. However, it seems to rarely help because most of us don’t really know what that means. I would like to share some of my thoughts about how meaningful that statement really is and the psychological foundation behind it.

Actually, life is always happening in our present life experience. We can direct some of it but not all of it. So, while we strive to manipulate life to our best interest, we sometimes experience unexpected circumstances. That happens simply because we are not in control of how life comes to us. Life happens, and we can only control how we receive and process those experiences. In other words, we choose how we receive and process life…lias it happens! That choice is usually instinctive and unconscious.

We have two organs within the human body that are specifically designed to receive and process our life experiences. One is the brain, and the other is the heart. We usually choose one over the other and that is by unconscious habit. We have a choice, but we tend to fall into an instinctive habit of choosing one over the other exclusively.

Current science tells us that we are capable of receiving and processing life experiences from our brain through focusing on our thoughts and feelings which result in judgement. Conversely, we can process our life experiences from our heart by making appropriate choices.

Processing and receiving life from our brain causes one to make judgements. Receiving and processing life from the heart causes one to make appropriate choices. Now, the question is why is this information important?

Let’s look at judgement first. Judgement is usually never objective, and subjective judgement is almost always driven by feelings, emotions and conditioning. That conditioning may have nothing to do with the life event you’re trying to process. That may lead one to respond to a life event in an inappropriate or detrimental way.

When a challenging life event is processed by the heart, one eliminates the feelings and emotions of judgement. Choice driven from the heart always meets life head-on. When life happens with negative circumstances, choice focuses on resolution and mutual best interest.

The next time you are in a position of receiving and processing a challenging life event, I challenge you to consider first how you are going to process this life event. Will you process the event with your head (brain) or with your heart? I trust that this information will be as valuable for you as it has been for me!

God Bless

Unti Next Time,

David Byrd