Can Love Prevail in the Midst of Hate?

This topic has been on my mind for some time, and I thought it would be timely to bring some clear understanding to the dangerous use of fear to enhance any cause. From all the current upheavals in our current world scene, it appears that the theme of hate is being used to divide us. So, I thought I would discuss the psychology of hate and the dangerous uses of it to promote any cause.

First, let’s look at what hate is. Hate is a subsidiary feeling that flows from the main emotion of fear. There are many feelings that flow from fear such as bitterness, sadness, anger, selfishness.  The list can go on, but I think you get the idea.

Now, here is a short explanation of what hate does to us human beings.  There are two major emotions from which all of our various feelings flow. The major emotion of love stands in stark contrast to the other major emotion of fear. From these two emotions of love and fear flow all the subsidiary feelings that flood our adrenal system with the chemicals needed to stimulate our various feelings. As example, if something happens in your life that causes you to experience the feelings of joy, you can easily trace that feeling back to the intentions which flow from the major emotion of love. Compare that with something that happens and creates the feelings of discouragement.  You can quickly trace those feelings back to its original emotion of fear.

With a better understanding of what hate is, let’s now look at the devastating results of what hate does. The emotions of love and fear stimulate various feelings, and those feelings have an effect on our health and well-being. The physical effects of our feelings, created inside our bodies, are caused by the vibrational frequency of the feeling.  Every feeling has its own signature vibrational frequency. For example, feelings that flow from the emotion of fear produce a very low frequency. The feelings that flow from the emotion of love produce a very high frequency.  Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz), which measures the number of sound waves per second.  As example, the feelings of sadness have a vibrational frequency that ranges from 30 to 75Hz. While the feelings of joy produce a frequency in the range of 500 to 600Hz. Now here’s where we can begin to see how the major emotions drive fear and sickness or love and wellness in the basic cellular functions inside our bodies.

The average body contains approximately 30 trillion cells. That is surprising but true. The human cell is the foundational structure of the human body. Every bone, ligament, cartilage and organ are composed of cells. The most significant influence on the human cell is the internal environment in which they live.

Now, take a guess at the most significant contribution to the environment of the human cell inside the body? Some believe that it is external events that happen to us from the outside. Actually, what happens to us internally is far more significant than our external environment. The most significant impact on the cellular environment is our thoughts and feelings.

So, if we constantly live in the environment of love, our cells will respond with a condition of well-being. If we live in a constant environment of any of the various feelings of fear, we will create a condition of disfunction and illness. In fact, most recent research is indicating that 60% of most systemic diseases could possibly be self-induced!

What does all this have to do with the dangers of living in the feelings of hate? Hate is a derivative of the major emotion of fear.  So, when a person or group chooses to promote hate, they must first drive fear.  This is why it should never be used to promote any cause.

Now for the good part! Can light and love prevail in the midst of hate?  The resounding response is absolutely! How can this happen and what influence do we, as individuals, have? We all have the power to control our thoughts. If we can intentionally control our thoughts, we can direct the internal environment of our bodies. Proactive thoughts driven from the emotion of love creates a peaceful cellular environment. By proactively taking control of our thoughts, we can direct an internal environment of health and well-being. That environment is not only beneficial for you individually, but it is contagious. Just like hate can be used for our destruction, love can be promoted for the benefit of all. Hate can only produce suffering and decline!

Thanks for hanging in here with me through this discussion! I felt that it had to be said. As for me, I choose to proactively live in love and light.  That’s the only way life makes any sense to me!

Until next time, may God Bless!

David Byrd