Effective Annual Planning

Most of you have heard me talk about January, the beginning of a New Year.  It really is a special time for me. To me, it’s like waking up in the morning to a fresh fallen snow. The best part for me is that there are no footprints. A New Year is like that — I can go walk in that new snow and make new footprints in something that is absolutely new! I can make my mark in this New Year. The New Year represents a chance for a new beginning. This is the purpose for sharing my perspective on this subject.

In tune with planning this new year, it’s important to remember that it’s not about how much you do, but it is about how effective you can be at doing the right things consistently. Achievement is accomplished by doing the right things consistently over a sustained period of time. One of the most important right things to do is Annual Planning.

Starting the year out with a solid plan is essential. However, I have worked with thousands of clients and organizations over the past 40 years who struggle with annual planning. Usually, I find that the plan starts out with unrealistic goals that are not well thought out, and after two months they are so far behind that the entire goal is dropped. Unrealistic goals are usually more like wishes than clearly defined achievable goals. A good Annual Plan begins with Smart Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic with a specific Target Date). These goals must be backed with a well thought out strategy or game plan. In short, to have a well- designed annual plan, you need a system and strategy.

Last year I designed a video program entitled Effective Annual Planning. This program has four video sessions where I walk you through an effective annual planning process. This program can change the way you have thought about annual planning. It offers a system that is practical and effective. I highly recommend it for any serious-minded leader or individual who is looking for a planning system that will deliver the expected results all during the new year.

Go here and find the Effective Annual Planning video program.  It could be the beginning of a system that will deliver results for you for many new years to come.

Until Next Time,

David Byrd