Inside Out Transformation

Psychologists tell us that our external circumstances tend to be a mirror image of our internal thoughts, feelings and circumstances. Think of it this way — your external circumstances represent all those people, places, events and things that are external of you. It includes things like work, family, housework, exercising, friends, social media, vacations, church, cooking, etc. Your inner world, however, is composed of both conscious and subconscious thoughts, beliefs and feelings generated by those externals around you. So, your outer world is represented by and focuses on your responses to what you are doing or experiencing in your physical environment. Your inner world is focused on who you are being in that environment. For most of us, our outer world seems to demand all of our attention, and that feels so demanding that we never seem to have time to focus on our inner world. However, real transformation is an inside out job.

I have recently been trained and certified in hypnotherapy. I understand that the word “hypnotherapy” may freak out some people. I think they may recall the old TV shows where a hypnotist would get people on stage, put them under hypnosis, and the hypnotized would quack like a duck with no recollection of it. I must say that is not, at all, how hypnotherapy works. Hypnotherapy is really just a deep healing, guided meditation. Simply speaking, hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. When one is under hypnosis, they usually feel very calm and relaxed. Meditation, daydreaming, being absorbed in a book, or arriving at your destination without any recollection of how you got there are all examples of a hypnotic state.  Under hypnosis the conscious, rational part of the brain is temporarily by-passed, making the subconscious part take the main stage. Hypnotherapy is just using that naturally occurring state to help dig into the subconscious mind, shift underlying self-limiting beliefs and resolve the processing of situations and traumas.

Why is accessing the subconscious mind important? Well, we know that our conscious mind makes up only 5% of our thoughts and beliefs. This means that 95% of our thoughts and beliefs are coming from our subconscious mind. This is why when we sometimes try to make changes in life, it only lasts a couple of weeks. We are trying to create change from our conscious mind. When we do that, we are only impacting 5% of our thoughts and behaviors. To create permanent change, we must access the subconscious – the 95%! Your subconscious mind is “running the show,” whether you are aware of it or not! Not to mention that scientists have discovered that we are in a hypnotic, high programmable state from birth until 12 years of age.  We don’t generate conscious brain waves until the age of 13 years! Therefore, psychologists say 90% of our limiting beliefs are formed before the age of 12 years. This is why in hypnotherapy sessions, when we dig into the root of where certain beliefs and patterns began, people often end up in their childhood.

I firmly believe that one can only take others as deeply as they have gone themselves. I have had life-changing things happen for me through hypnotherapy! Many of them feel like a “miracle of perception,” when my view of the world suddenly changes. This technique has allowed me to increase my awareness of self-limiting patterns, become aware of where those patterns began, and anchor-in new beliefs and behaviors. It has been such a blessing in my life.

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If you are ready for real transformation, start from the inside out.  I promise you won’t regret it!


In love and gratitude,