Growing From Where You Are

You only have two choices about life — to grow or decline. There is no in-between life position! In order to grow, it is important that we acknowledge where we are right now. You cannot grow from where you think you should be; you can only grow from where you really are right now.

While we are driven to get back to where we used to be or to some future place that we have yet to attain, we often desperately want it to happen quickly. We get in a hurry; we work in sprints, and we worry about where we are most of the time. Aim for your work effort to be steady and consistent.

Your daily choices either support your growth or contribute to your decline. So you have to ask yourself, “Am I making daily choices in alignment with my dreams and goals?” Learn to develop a proactive mindset with your day by planning tomorrow before tomorrow begins. If your goal seems like a mountain climb, that is okay. First, decide to climb the mountain! Make the choice. There is so much power in a choice! And then every day with consistency, work towards your goal.

Daily consistent activity is the first crucial element in growth. The second is mental. Achievement is 80% mental. Anything you achieve in life you will achieve in your head first! You’ve heard that possession is 9/10’s of the law. Well belief, is 9/10’s of creating your own reality!

A belief is just something we have thought over and over again until it has become hard-wired in our brain. Often times, we have had certain beliefs about ourselves (whether good or bad) since childhood, and we have never even taken the time to think about if they are actually true or not. These beliefs just seeped into our subconscious, and we have just been unconsciously agreeing to them for many, many years. Do you know that most limiting beliefs are formed before the age of 12? In my coaching, I have found that the four most common limiting beliefs are:

– I am not worthy.
– My identity is based in my outer accomplishments or perceived failures.
– I’m responsible for others’ well-being.
– I am not safe.

So, what is your limiting belief? What are some of the beliefs and perceptions about yourself and your life that you have been unconsciously agreeing to? And what do you want to believe about yourself?

One of my most effective habits with reprogramming my beliefs is the use of affirmations. When you are talking to yourself, you are programming your mind. You need to be careful how you program your mind.  Whatever you tell your brain – it believes YOU!  Affirmations work to proactively program your self-talk in a positive way.  If you are looking for a good set of affirmations check these out!

Growth requires daily consistent activity and learning how to win the head game. I wish you many blessings and always remember the pursuit of abundance is a worthy journey!

In love and gratitude,