France – Wine & Meditation

Wine and meditation – honestly, two of my favorite things. And then combine them with the beautiful surroundings of France, and you have the amazing Belle Vie Discovery Retreat. Translated into English, “Belle Vie” means Beautiful Life. This retreat is a cultural vacation that awakens your mind, body and soul. It is an intimate journey of personal development, surrounded by the beautiful vineyards of France.

By the time you are reading this, I will have just returned from my 4th wine and meditation retreat in France. After a two-year hiatus due to travel restrictions, we are finally embarking on this amazing retreat again, and I couldn’t be more excited. For years I had dreamed of hosting an international meditation retreat. There is something so magical when we manifest our dreams into reality, and it all happens with such grace and ease.  And this is no exception.

One day I was meditating and dreaming of manifesting this retreat, and a name softly floated into my consciousness. That name was “Julie”.  Julie and I had been co-workers in corporate America and had become friends. We had both left the corporate world around the same time. I knew Julie had spent some time overseas after leaving the corporate world and was now back in the States. The first day her name floated in during my meditation I didn’t do anything about it. I love when we try to ignore messages from God or Spirit.  So, the next few times I meditated about this retreat, Julie’s name always floated into my thoughts. So, I finally decided to follow the nudge. I called Julie and told her about my dream to lead an international meditation retreat. To my surprise Julie said, “Jenni, you aren’t going to believe this. While I was living in France, I planned an entire itinerary for a wine maker. We never made it happen, but if you have the people, I basically already have the trip planned.”  And with that we launched the Belle Vie Discovery Retreat!

Imagine a carefree agenda where every detail is handled – you are responsible for no plans – your meals, wine, hotel, transportation, and itinerary are all arranged by a team with personal French connections. You’ll enjoy unforgettable dinners with wine pairings at restaurants frequented only by the locals and in the homes of the country’s most esteemed wine-making families. You’ll taste the region’s best wines in ancient cellars surrounded by decades-old vineyards. You’ll see it all with the backdrop of the beautiful French countryside from a perspective you can’t get on your own or with a big tour company. It’s a personalized experience like no other!

While abroad, the literal and figurative distance from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine will allow you to relax and decompress in a way you can’t otherwise achieve. While experiencing the magic of another universe, you’ll be led on daily personal development journeys which will help you overcome what has been holding you back from reaching your highest peak, your best self, your ultimate personal and professional potential.

It’s truly the experience of a lifetime!

Remaining trips in 2023 are sold out but if you are interested in getting on the waiting list for 2024 trips, please click here to fill out this form. We will add you to the list and notify you first as soon as we have dates set for 2024.

I am already looking forward to and dreaming about our French adventures together!

In love and gratitude,