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    What Do You Do With Fear?

    Fear is one of the top two human emotions. The other major emotion is love. So, here we are, in our physical environment, with only two major emotions of Amor and Fear from which all of our many feelings flow. Yes, with over 40 years of personal and professional experience, I believe that we can categorize all of our many shades of feelings into two major headings — those feelings that flow from Love and those that flow from Fear!

    This is important because, if you are consciously aware of your feelings, you can trace any individual feeling back to its sponsoring emotion. If you can identify the sponsoring emotion, you can then act to correct those feelings from fear and promote those feelings from love. Now, why is it important for any of us to even bother with being consciously aware of our feelings?

    Current science is indicating that it is the quality of our thoughts and feelings that promote cellular health and overall well-being. A most recent research is saying that the quality of our physical immune system is dependent upon the quality of our emotional state of being, nutrition and exercise. Our state of being is derived from our thoughts and feelings. In other words, living in the thoughts that generate feelings which reflect the emotion of love strengthens our immune system. Those thoughts which flow from the emotion of fear weaken our immune system. Science is now telling us that the human genome (genetic structure) prospers and thrives in those feelings which flow from the major emotion of love!

    If it is in our best interest to live in the feelings which flow from the emotion of love, then we need to understand the basic techniques of not living in the feelings which flow from the major emotion of Fear. However, therein lies a problem! The problem being—those old natural human instincts of ours. We all have strong natural human instincts. These instincts direct the patterns of human behavior. Why? Because the major motivational force behind our natural instincts is FEAR! We learn to follow our instincts from early childhood. Since our human instincts are so dominant, we begin to think instinctively. It feels natural because we have been doing this since we were small children.

    We carry this instinctive fearful thinking behavior into adulthood. Unaware of the detrimental effects, fear becomes the emotion through which we naturally filter every one of our thoughts and circumstances in life. This is why fear is so prevalent in our world today. We trust our human instincts far more than we can trust our loving spiritual insight.

    Medical science describes human beings as a two-part being composed of both a physical self and a spiritual self. Since we live in a physical environment, it is understandable why we learn to live and think instinctively. However, what do we do with the other half of our Being? The energy which makes up our spiritual nature is just as strong as our physical instincts. However, we must become aware of this reality before we can begin to use it.

    The major emotions of Love and Fear exist as a potential in every human being. However, we must be consciously aware of this because fear is the most dominant emotion in this physical reality. Here are a few things you can do to begin to invite the major emotion of love to become the dominant emotion in your life. Your physical well-being may be at risk should you ignore this reality and the science behind it.

    Things to do:

    1. Begin to give some quiet thought to creating the desire to replace fearful thoughts with loving thoughts. (This activity begins to create a new conscious awareness of Love, not Fear.)
    2. Spend a few minutes daily feeling a specific sponsoring emotion of love. Think of something or someone you feel love for and just sit quietly and experience what that feels like.
    3. Be patient with yourself. You have learned thought patterns from a lifetime of practice. You can’t expect to change in a day or two.

    The concepts and thoughts I have shared with you in this article represent the most significant understanding I have gained in my life. Being consciously aware of the benefits of the major emotion of love and being able to consistently live in these feelings are the most beneficial growth steps of my life. Feelings of love sponsor health, well-being and strong immunity to disease. Feelings of fear sponsor ill health, a lowered immune system, sameness and decline. You must choose!

    Until next time I wish you good health and may God bless!

    David Byrd