Effective Leadership is a Choice

Wouldn’t you know it, it all comes down to choice.

Many leaders will choose to deny their need to change anything. Some will hold onto conditioning from past models, and some will worry that they will be taken advantage of if they trust people.

In addition, much has been written recently about servant leadership.

That input has simply confused the entire issue. I find leaders who have sold-out to a compassionate, caring model of leadership, but it is merely a reflection of their mistrust of people.

These leaders have such a low belief in people that they protect, isolate, and do the work for them.

They see people as being needy because they are incapable of effective performance.
This is not servant leadership!

If you truly aspire to servant leadership, you must:

believe in,



challenge, and


your people. If you truly love your people, you will demand their best, not coddle and protect them.

Regardless of all the books that have been written about servant leadership, regardless of your theology or beliefs, the real servant leader is the Developer — the effective leader.

Effective leaders are never concerned with “style flexing.”

They have learned a statistically proven model of leadership.

Effective leaders never have to question which style to use.

They simply compare their intended actions to the model of the Developer.

Anyone of sound mind can learn the Developer leadership style and become an effective leader.