Driving Clarity & Focus within your Organization – Replicable Systems

Once you become clear yourself personally and you’re on a personal system of management and you’re laser focused and you’re generating your own personal energy, not depending on external circumstances to do it for you, once you do that now you’re ready to start working within the sustainability of your organization.

Drive the system of personal management within your organization.  There needs to be a culture of proactive thought and actions and behaviors. Trying to corral a group of people who are instinctively managing themselves is like going quail hunting with a dip net or like herding cats. They’re all over the place. If you can get the key people in your organization, focused on their own personal system of management, you got half the battle whipped right there.

Culture is generated by what people see the leaders do.  How often do you carry the planner with you? How often when you go up on stage do you carry your planner with you, even if you never use it? How often do you talk about the planner to your people? Those are the things that drive culture. Culture within an organization comes from mirroring or mimicking. People within an organization usually gravitate toward the things that they see other people do, especially the leadership in their organization.

If you want to drive clarity and focus within your organization, having your top leadership on some system of personal management is the key and modeling that. You modeling that for them and them modeling that for their people, people respond and react to what they see being done. When they see you go up on stage with a planner they say, “He or she uses one of those planner tools. They start reacting to that. If they never see it, if they never ever see you with it or using it or you talking about, they will never mimic that behavior. You know they need to, but they don’t know that.

One of the big things about driving culture is to model the culture you want to develop. You want to develop a group of highly motivated, very clear and focused lower-level leaders who know where they’re going, know who they are, know where they’re going, know how they’re going to get there, then that’s how you have to be. You have to model that in front of them.  When you show up with it the people in your organization say, “That might be something I need to do.”

Give it a lot of thought. This is not something that you do on your own, by yourself. You need to model that behavior. Then they will mimic you. People will mimic what they see their leaders doing, and they start moving in a general, proactive, cultural direction.

A replicable personal system of management is crucial. You will never instinctively pull a group of people together. They’ll be all over the place. You have to have some direction. That personal system of management is the key. You need to model that for them. That’s the key.

The first thing is having all of your top-level leaders on a system of personal management, if they’re only planning tomorrow before tomorrow begins, that can be life changing. Think about it. If they’re doing that, they’re actually thinking about tomorrow before it happens. Every day they’re having a proactive thought about tomorrow. That’s key. That’s crucial. It’s better to have them doing a little bit of it than none of it.

This system can go all the way down to a brand new sign up. As soon as they finish a 90 day game plan, they ought to move right straight into a system of planning tomorrow before tomorrow begins. That will never happen in your organization until you model it. When you model it and that starts happening, you’re going to start seeing growth.

The second thing you can do in your organization to drive clarity and focus is the Next Level Accountability Call. The most important thing in working with an organization is helping, especially, the top-level leaders, helping them understand their numbers, know their numbers, and report their numbers to someone. There’s something magical about that, guys. It’s not mundane. You’re not checking up on them. What you’re doing is you’re trying to help them learn how to manage other people.

The Next Level Accountability Call is something that is extremely important. I’m going to focus on it during 2015. Over the next couple of months more information on the Next Level Accountability Call will be discussed.  The psychology of the Next Level Accountability Call and how to run one and run one effectively.

Remember the formula: Focus + energy = sustainability. You should be thinking about that every day. You should start with yourself first, the team second.

-David Byrd

David Byrd is an author, coach, consultant, and a developer of personal growth behaviors in pursuit of Achievement.  Founder and CEO of David Byrd Consulting, LLC, he is a master of effective leadership and works closely with leaders and their organizations worldwide utilizing a system of personal management and achievement called the Next Level Achievement System™.  He is a best-selling author with four published books, a sought after speaker, and leadership development consultant.

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