Do You Really “Live” Life?

Most human beings honor life as precious. Instinctively, we hold onto life. We protect it, guard it, insure it, honor it and worry about it. We will do anything to protect the lives of those we love. We grieve at the loss of life. Most all of us hold life as vital, important, sacred and precious. Each of our lives are precious to us personally, and we will do anything to safe-guard and protect it.

We seem to endure life

I think most everyone would agree with these opening comments regarding life. So, it seems only logical for something we hold so dear to our hearts that we would be very good at living abundantly – with passion, joy, bliss, achievement and abundance. However, in my experiences with clients over the past 40 years, I found that not to be the case. We don’t really “Live” life, or at least we don’t do it very well. We seem to endure life. We live in doubt and fear about what tomorrow may bring. We live in shame, guilt and regret of some of our yesterdays. We question and doubt our dreams for tomorrow. We struggle and stress over the things we don’t have or can’t change. Some feel guilty and maybe even a little irresponsible if they are not worried enough. I have worked with clients who have even made themselves physically and emotionally sick due to the fight-or-flight chemicals of stress they have created from their constant self-imposed stress response.

All of our creations begin with “Thought”

Wow, I’ve really dug a deep hole here! So, what’s the point of all this discussion over our seemingly, human inability to live a life of abundance and joy? The point is this – life was never intended to be that way! Our great Creator created us in the image of creators. We were placed in this physical reality to create life as we choose. We were given all the tools necessary to build abundance and joy from life. We have the metacognitive abilities of thought, imagination and emotions. We do not have to be victims of our external circumstances. All of our creations begin with “Thought”.

Everything in your life began as a thought. From thought flows mental pictures of imagination, and then your thoughts release the chemicals from your brain that produce the feelings that are appropriate to your thoughts. Those feelings then produce words, actions and behaviors. Then, if you think the same thought over and over, you become addicted to the chemicals of your feelings, and you build the behaviors or actions into habits. This repetitious habit of thought creates your life.

Change your thoughts, change your mind…

We have a tendency to rationalize our realities of life as a result of outside circumstances. We seek to change the external circumstances in order to fix ourselves. So, we wait, pray, complain, stress and worry over the externals of our life and never think about going inside our own minds and changing our thoughts about the externals. I know it’s difficult to believe that we create our external realities. If you could honestly look at the sum total of your thoughts and feelings over the past three years, it would begin to make sense. We are creators. We create our lives from our thoughts and feelings. Change your thoughts, change your mind; change your mind, change your life.

See you next time and may God bless.