Daily Practices for an Amazing Year!

In last month’s blog titled “A New Mindset for a New Year,” my dad wrote about the freshness of the new year and how exciting that can be. He also mentioned that, for most people, the newness of the new year wears off by February! Studies show that most people have abandoned their New Year Resolution by January 16th! So that is why I want to talk to you about how to keep the energy of the new year going.

You’ve heard the saying “Change your thinking, change your life.”  While I believe that is 100% true, most people just don’t know how to change their thinking. The secret to changing your thinking is to change your ENERGY. Your energy plays such a key role in what you think and how you feel.

We can’t just sit around, doing the same thing, living life on autopilot and expect our energy to change. We have to CHOOSE new habits and behaviors that help influence our energy in the right direction. If you want to increase your energy so you can align your thoughts, feelings and behaviors with your dreams and goals, here are some daily practices that I recommend:

Implementing these five tips can be your first steps in intentionally creating proactive behaviors which will change your energy and empower you in becoming the best version of YOU. This can be your new NEXT LEVEL in your life. The bottom line is this — to create something new in your life requires you to make new and intentional choices. So, I leave you with this question:

Are you ready to take the first step in creating lasting change?

This question stands as a challenge to begin a unique and abundant life. It is within reach! You can create it! Simply start by making the choice to implement these simple new behaviors. Increase your energy so you can create a life you absolutely love!

in love and gratitude,