Create Your Future Before Your Future Begins

Abraham Lincoln said, “the best way to predict your future is to create it.” When he said this, he wasn’t just referring to never giving up no matter what the circumstances. He was referring to the power of our thoughts and our ability to visualize our futures and dreams. As a man who is remembered mostly for his successes, he had his fair share of setbacks and failures early in his career (you can check them out here if interested). Even with all these setbacks, he still believed in his ability to create his future and thus became the 16th President of the United States.

Your success begins in your thinking first. Achievement is 80% mental! You will first accomplish your dreams in your mind before you ever realize them materially.
Being “rich” or “accomplished” is first a state of mind.  Our human design includes a unique and creative gift. The gift of imagination. We’re the only part of creation with this unique gift. The ability to use our imagination to envision a future as we want it to be is the key to our achievement.  Psychologists even say that we have a tendency to move in the direction of our future expectations!

This is why developing a dream list and a vision statement is so important.  A dream list is where you catalog everything you’ve ever wanted to be, have, become, and places you’ve ever wanted to go. Dreams are not goals. However, goals come from your dreams. Start right away writing down your list of dreams. Resist judgment about how realistic your dreams are. Every year, you should read your dream list and ask this question: “What can I realistically accomplish this year that will move me closer to my dreams and vision?”

Solomon said that without vision people perish and I have observed this to be true. Vision is the key to energy, focus, and consistency.  Use your gift of imagination and build a vision of your future that is stronger than your fears and fill your thinking patterns with positive expectancy.  Positive expectancy acts as a magnet. You attract to yourself that which you set out for yourself. Your positive expectancy actually attracts the circumstances that you will need to realize your achievement.  You will never regret the time and energy invested in building a passionate vision for your future. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either.

It is the quality of our thoughts that either propels us forward or holds us back.  Therefore, you must keep the vision of your desired future in the forefront of your mental focus. Keep your eye on the prize! Learning how to mindfully live moment by moment with positive expectancy is the key.  The cliché of “positive attitude” tends to be passive, but the energy of expectancy is what drives us forward into new tomorrows. The energy of positive expectancy fosters a mindful awareness of each conscious moment. It encourages us to live above our circumstances rather than in them.  The energy of positive expectancy is free from the perspective of judgment.  It can see all of life as incomplete rather than wrong.

So, get started. Stop worrying about how perfect it will be. Life is not about perfection.  Life is about progress. Build a dream list and a passionate compelling vision statement. Use your gift of imagination and create your future before your future begins.

In love and gratitude,



Jenni Byrd Grier, President of The Byrd Group, is an accomplished International speaker with more than 15 years of corporate management and leadership experience as well as an MBA in International Business. Jenni is a life-changing Next Level Achievement™ Coach who will help you create a vision, live life with intentionality, set goals and make them happen.  You can find more information on personalized coaching with Jenni here.