I would like to talk about something today that I believe is the absolute key to short-term or long-term achievement…Consistency! I believe it to be the absolute key because, for over forty years, I have watched new clients set goals and give up and quit during the first week! I think you know what I’m talking about, and you have probably experienced this process yourself. I know I have.

The scenario usually goes something like this. Let’s say, you want to get in better shape. So, you set a reasonable goal of walking daily for one month. You do very well the first week and are feeling good about yourself. But, in the second week on the third day, something comes up and you skip your daily walk. Next day, you rationalize, “Well, I missed yesterday, so it’s not going to hurt me to just skip today. I’ll get back to it tomorrow.” Tomorrow comes, and you rationalize, “I’ve missed two days, so the rest of the week is not going to hurt me. I’ll get back to it next week.” Next week comes, and the goal is abandoned. What happened? All achievement requires “CONSISTENT” behaviors!

I think it may help to look at the definition of Achievement. Here is the working definition I use in teaching our overall system: “Achievement is the process of doing the right things consistently over a sustained period of time.” Pay close attention to the “sustained period of time” part.

So, according to the working definition of achievement, the right things must be consistently sustained over a predetermined period of time. The over-arching common problem with accomplishing goals is sustained consistency!         

Okay, enough said. Consistency in doing the right things over a sustained period of time is important in achieving anything significant. But, why the emphasis on consistency? Here’s why. Without consistency of behaviors, our focus has a tendency to wander off into instinctive thought, which causes us to lose focus on the goal. I think consistency is foundational to all achievement!

The next time you want to set a goal make sure you clearly identify the consistent actions required. I call those actions High Payoff Activities. These activities are the right things to do that lead to achievement of the goal. These activities must be done consistently until the goal is accomplished. So, when you track your goal during the process of achieving it, the most important tracking process is to track the consistency of the required actions steps. It serves no purpose to simply look at the goal daily until you reach the target date. Focus only on the consistency of your action steps. Measure your effectiveness in consistency weekly. Give yourself a weekly score on the effectiveness of doing your action steps by giving yourself a grade between 1-10 (1 being low, 10 being high) weekly. I have found that a weekly score above a 7, in performance of the activity, will accomplish 80-90% of your goal.

The Next Level Achievement System has other steps, but I believe the measure of consistency is the absolute key to long-term achievement.

Until Next Time,

God Bless,