Clarity – The Importance of Knowing Where You Are

Clarity creates a very important ingredient…a formula I will share below. Clarity generates focus. You cannot focus if you’re not clear. When you’re clear about where you really are, then you can focus. I’ll give you a prime example.

Recently I was talking with a client I had not spoken to in a while.  They were telling me about “how far off they were”. We went back and checked. The reality was, this person’s business numbers had increased in March and April from January and February, not decreased. Do you get what I’m saying? We laughed about it; we talked about it.

Always know where you are, because if you don’t know where you are, you have a tendency to listen to what you hear and start managing yourself based on how you feel about things rather than how things really are.

When you’re consistently on a personal system of management such as the Next Level Achievement System and you know your numbers and you know where you are and you know you’re managing yourself with your effectiveness score of 7 or higher, you’re good to go. Have you checked yourself first?  We have a tendency to check out of our self when we start hearing negative talk from others. We start trying to fix what’s broken instead of managing ourselves and keeping our own energy level up.

You cannot generate energy in anyone else that you do not have yourself. It’s interesting when you have it, then you can give it away. Guess what? It’s a principle. It comes back to you. You get more back. If you want something, learn how to give it away. Then it comes back to you two-fold. It’s a complete cycle when it comes to energy and emotions.

Clarity first. Clarity generates this focus. Being focused is very important because you’ll miss stuff if you’re not focused. Focus is never a product of working hard. Focus is never a product of managing yourself instinctively. It will not come from those things. Focus comes from being clear. Clarity is driven from a personal system of management.  Don’t go past today without a plan for the month.

Always focus on yourself first when you’re questioning the sustainability or the energy within your organization. Start with you. If you’re clear, if you’re focused, your energy level will be high, and it is contagious, guys. You don’t have to pretend, just get clear, get focused, and the energy level will show up and it will be real.

Sustainability Formula:

Focus + Energy = Sustainability

As you’re working as a leader, you’re working in your organization, you’re constantly driving your own focus, generating your own personal energy, and that’s going to generate your own personal sustainability. It must work for you first.

So many times we as leaders think, “Man, if my organization would just do what we did last year, I’d be so excited right now.” That’s the wrong focus, guys. You always look at yourself first. Sustainability begins with the leader. Sustainability begins with the leader, and that’s you. If you are focused on yourself!

If you’re clear about where you really are, and that’s generating the focus of energy, then that focus and that energy is equal to your sustainability of your organization. You cannot depend on circumstances within your organization to change so that you can change. You’re looking in the wrong place. You have to look inside.

All effective leaders must stay within a consistent system of proactive personal management to drive your own focus. That’s what you do. The first thing you do is focus on yourself first. Don’t wait for circumstances to change so that you can change. You change, and then that change will lead to sustainability within your organization.


-David Byrd