Changing Human Behavior

Human behavior is defined as one’s thoughts, emotions and actions.  It’s also the defining ingredient in growth and development.  If someone chooses to develop a lifestyle of growth, they must become accustomed and comfortable with change.  Change is always resisted by our natural human instincts.  That leaves us with a big problem.  To grow we must change; to change we must confront our natural human instincts.

I’ve invested over 40 years of my career in helping people with this challenge.  Some make it, and some don’t.  I find that the percentage of people who actually make proactive and permanent behavior changes to be about ten percent.  That means ninety percent of those who try to change fail or choose to quit!  That fact has driven me to find practical solutions for those who want to grow and change — solutions that really work, if used.  

Do You Want to Grow to New Levels in YOUR Life?

People who want to grow to new levels in their lives must commit to a few specific methods and systems that are in direct conflict with their natural human instincts.  Therein lies the problem.  For people to change, they must commit to something that will take time and hard work.  I would love to suggest some magic idea that no one has ever thought of that instantly changes a person from failure to success, lack to abundance, sadness to happiness, but that magic formula does not exist.  No matter how many books you read about some new idea for consistent growth, you will always end up with your natural human instincts.  The new behavior required will make you feel uncomfortable until you go back to where you were. Your human instincts will always confirm your “sameness”.

I think this is the reason we look for magical answers.  We want an answer that feels good.  Also, far back in the subconscious mind there is that consistent thought that you should not invest too much time in something you are going to “quit” later.  That’s the problem with changing human behaviors.

I have used a successful system of next level growth for over forty years.  This system takes commitment, hard work and consistent effort.  The masses may never use it, but it works.  The system breaks down into three parts:

  1. A system of personal management that promotes proactive behaviors.
  2. A system of developing a consistent proactive mindset.
  3. A system that develops the emotional awareness of “Presence” (Being present in the moment and not consumed by the past or the future).

There Are Two Choices In Life, Grow or Decline

I believe everyone sincerely wants to grow to new levels, achieve more and have more happiness in their lives.  I’ve watched many of our clients do this.  However, the average person in our western culture is unaware of how to change human behavior and consistently grow.  We don’t learn how to do this in school, and most people are unaware of the resistance of our natural human instincts to change.

Psychological research reports that we process between 70,000 to 90,000 thoughts each day.  However, ninety percent of those thoughts are repetitive. We unconsciously engage in the same thoughts daily.  Research also tells us that we spend most of our repetitive thoughts on the past or the future.  That means that we go through life spending less than ten percent of our time in the present.  It is so easy for us to fall into a lifestyle of sameness.

There are only two choices about life, grow or decline. There is no in-between life position.  It’s this illusion of in-between that convinces us that sameness is okay.  So, if you want to grow consistently, it will take commitment, time and hard work, but the question should be, “Is it worth it”?  Of course, it is.

It’s your life!  

Until next time I send energy and light to all you.