Are you Growing or Declining?

The concept of life that I truly believe in and have lived my life over the last 40 years is the concept of grow or decline. When you hear that you say, ‘I believe in growth’ and you forget the decline part. We forget because we only consider growth, and we forget about how our minds work if we are moving through life instinctively.

When we live our lives instinctively, we have a tendency to seek comfort zones in life. We all do that. Everyone is saddled with a natural human instinct, which is designed to keep us safe.  It interprets keeping you the same as keeping you safe. When you try to grow, your natural human instinct fights that. If you’re not aware of it, the next time you try to grow by doing something you’ve never done before, you automatically assume the uncomfortable feeling you have is not good for you. It has nothing to do with that.  You feel that way because you are imposing over the beliefs of your natural human instinct that you want to move forward and grow.  To move in a growth path in life, you must understand how your natural human instincts fight against that. Your natural human instincts will fight against changing a habit, creating a new habit, or anything you try to do that’s different

Obviously, all of us want to grow and none of us want to decline. It’s not quite that simple. Our natural human instinct encourages us to consider something that really doesn’t exist – the in-between position.  This is the position of, I’m not growing, I’m not declining, I’m just in the middle. I’m going with the flow. What you don’t realize is this is your natural human instinct convincing you to decline without you understanding that’s exactly what you are doing. The static life position is a position of decline.

Indecision is probably the worst no growth life position you can be in. Indecision is when you are in the middle and you can’t decide.  You may think tomorrow will be different, maybe the next day will be different and what you keep waiting for is for your circumstances to change to change you. Understand, you never change from outside in. I don’t care what happens to you. You can win 100 million dollars tomorrow, it will not change you. Your circumstances will not change you. You don’t change from outside in. You always change from inside out.

When you are faced with indecision, your natural human instincts take that indecision and uses it to get you to stand still and wait for circumstances to change or stand still. Maybe tomorrow will be better so we cross our fingers and do nothing today, waiting for tomorrow. When tomorrow comes and nothing changes, we wait for the next day.  Indecision is probably the most destructive form of decline I have ever seen because it doesn’t feel like you’re declining.

Your natural human instinct is not your friend when it comes to growing.  Your natural human instinct is your friend when it comes to being physically safe, when it steers you away from dark places and when it steers you away from situations you want to get away from. That’s instinctive and intuitive, which is a good thing. It keeps you physically safe. Life is about two things and two things only; grow or decline. There is no in between position. Indecision tends to be one of the strongest inhibitors to growth I have ever experienced in 40 years of working with people.

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